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    Jul 2007
    Middle Georgia

    Treasure in Ga.

    I live near Atlanta Ga.
    Does anyone know of any treasure leads that aren't too far of a drive from me.
    The fire house keeps me pretty tied up lately.
    I'm not a genius, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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    Your Only One Swing Away From Discovery

    Dec 2006
    56 times

    Re: Treasure in Ga.

    some stuff off coin world

    Georgia treasures waiting to be found

    A certain Mr. Duncan, a prosperous businessman who lived in Griffin, Georgia, did not trust banks, but kept coins and bills stored here and there around the house. His wife feared for his and her safety, as his wealth was well known, and someone might break in. At her insistence, he consolidated all of this money, said to amount to at least $100,000, and said he would take it to a bank. However, he had second thoughts and buried it in a peach orchard instead. Some months later, Duncan was disabled by a heart attack. While bedridden he attempted to gesture as to where the trove was hidden, but could not make himself understood. He died shortly thereafter, taking the secret of the location with him.
    The old Lions House on Third Street, Columbus, is supposed to contain hidden treasure.
    At Blackbeard's Island the treasure of you-know-who is said to have been buried. More of his chests (or whatever he used for storage) may be on Ossabaw Island.
    Various citizens of the state buried coins and other treasures to prevent capture by William Tecumseh Sherman during his famous (or infamous) march through the countryside, in which his troops pillaged and burned everything in sight. A psychologist might find that he did this because he had failed in banking, lawyering, and a few other endeavors before the military provided him with the proper emotional outlet.
    Near LaGrange a wealthy plantation owner named Lipscomb accumulated about $100,000 in silver and gold coins and buried the treasure in two places near his house just before the Civil War. He enlisted the aid of a faithful servant whenever he dug up the ground to make a "deposit" or simply to review what he had stored. One day he wanted to visit his coins, but his servant was not around, and Lipscomb could not locate the sites. Forewarned, he later recorded directions to the spots. Lipscomb died, and his widow was not able to locate the directions. Today the treasure is still missing.
    At Milledgeville, Baldwin County, a treasure of remarkable proportions is said to be hidden under a house.
    In Savannah the pirate treasure of John Flint may be concealed in or near a house he once occupied on Broad Street.
    Many gold and silver coins that were once a part of the Confederate States of America Treasury may be hidden on the south bank of the Savannah River (or near Washington, Georgia; or Abbeville, Georgia; or near Richmond, Virginia; or in the false bottom of a horse-drawn coach; or divvied up among trusted officers, who each did their own hiding; or in a railroad car, etc.), while other narratives relate that military payrolls from both sides were hidden on various occasions when their security became endangered.
    Your Discovery Has History Count On It
    Enjoy the dig, treasure the time

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    Dec 2008
    2 times

    Re: Treasure in Ga.

    There is suppose to be six million in gold, silver and jewelry burried by the union troops during thr cival war they were hanged before they dug it up. The location is lithonia I believe its near the old railroad line. Get an old map and that shows the previous location thats were i woul start my search.

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    Jan 2007
    Canaberal de Ayzm

    Re: Treasure in Ga.

    *gt Wells Fargo Georgia. You know the armoured truck, (not to be confused with *gt "Brinks", Illinois), has $3,000,000 silver coins buried about it.
    *gt Ghost Town.
    United States Treasure Atlas vol. 3 is a good place to start for searching for treasure in Georgia.

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    Cappy Z.

    Re: Treasure in Ga.

    Find a good historical map of Civil War troop movement. These occurred always near roads before, during and after battles. The roadsides are littered with artifacts if you get permission to look and use your intuition etc.
    Good Luck.



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