Real Treasure Leads?
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Thread: Real Treasure Leads?

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    Oct 2016
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    Real Treasure Leads?

    I had often thought of doing a post about these lost treasure leads. There are many and some are used over and over again in books and on internet web pages. Generally, they come from two main authors, but if you’re into lost treasure stories you most likely already know that. Even this section on treasure leads asks “no copyrighted material.” One can used the look inside feature on amazon to check some of the books out. I myself have found a couple examples of older authors material in them, so I know their books hold nothing new except a disappointment once they arrive.
    It is no wonder so many believe the treasure stories are total B.S.! Their correct and it shows they have only read what is most commonly out there. I received two books from a member here and one was Karl Von Mueller’s book reviews and I found it great. He talked of rewrite artists who took others work and embellished it and so it became another story and in time several stories. He told of a woman in New Jersey who wrote lost treasure stories and they were published in magazines and later writers grabbed and reused hers. She never left her apartment! Myself I have found errors in one author’s book and the same error in another authors book. I looked for the publisher on the internet and could find no trace of them.
    Karl Von Mueller gave some good advice when he said “forget the big ones, go for the smaller ones.” Jeff posts newspaper clippings down in the Treasurenet by location section. With the articles included is the old newspaper it is from. Anyone can do this, get away from those older books you probably have read several times by now. You just might uncover a lead close-by that no one has ever searched for.
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    Oct 2016
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    Undiscovered leads number into the thousands and are waiting to be found. An example is the South Dakota one in treasure legends on the Narcelle farm having their caches washed away in a flood, further down stream another man lost $45,000.
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