Crosses & treasure leads & mummified Aztecs & treasure leads
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    Apr 2007
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    Crosses & treasure leads & mummified Aztecs & treasure leads

    Crosses carved,painted,etched,or erected, as explained to me by a friend I work with who is from Guadalahra,Mexico,were places of worship for the actual miners who pried the precious medals from inside mines and caves. They would pray at the cross before going to work. The sign of the cross does mean their is a cave or mine somewhere in the area. Also other religous statues were known to have been carved and erected for the same purpose,and dismantled when the mine or cave was closed .
    Some of these statues were placed in front of caves ,or mine openings,like a door,then removed and buried when the mine was closed.
    Aztec buried and wrapped bodies,again,as explained to me,by my commincharo ,had gold objects placed inside their actual bodies,such as small statues,jewlery,etc.
    A lot has been found,but a lot more waits to be discovered.
    I cannot to begin to explain the huge cross at Tumincari,their just has to be a very large treasure storage room somewhere close,perhaps the escalainte,the iron door mine,or was their at 1 time a large carved religous figure marking the mine and room.

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    Re: Crosses & treasure leads & mummified Aztecs & treasure leads

    Keep us posted. Good luck!




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