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Thread: skeleton canyon treasure

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    Apr 2005

    Re: skeleton canyon treasure

    I have spent a lot of time in Skeleton canyon.. the road they have locked is forest service road # 540. Don't know why they are getting away keeping the road locked.. They wouldn't get aweay with it anywhere else.. They closed it in 2005. I figured the sportsmen would get it opened back up..
    But even before they closed it, it was a dangerous place to be alone. The treasure was put in a old cave, and caved in. It would take a half dozen guys to get it out, and be safe... and its impossible to find that many poeple, where someone wouldn't get greedy...
    Good Luck........

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    donald peterson

    Jan 2013
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    Skeleton Canyon Treasure*-* Unsolved Mystery

    spent almost ten years looking in this area...mostly for the sites of C.S. fly photos of the surrender of Geronimo and his crew...
    Vintage Apache* Photographs* - Chiricahua Apache by C.S. Fly

    using an old BFO, I found bottle tops. lots of sand. no bullets, buttons or bones.
    was camped out when the apache came back for the 100 anniversary of the surrender...the only blue eye in the area.
    to all the seeks of this treasure...go find the hut I use for my avatar.

    the road is still closed...nasty people make claims about abuse from everyone...just typical small town behavior.
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    Apr 2015
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    The road was legally deeded back to private status via Cochise County Government. Both ranches along that road have been sold.

    The question of treasure seems moot since Billy and Zwing held up the mining office along the San Pedro. They were tracked to Chandler milk ranch and Billy was killed and Zwing badly wounded. Why would they have committed this robbery when they had all this treasure? Doesn't add up.

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    May 2014
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    I packed the entire thing well into Mexico. I didn't find any sign of Spanish treasure anywhere in the canyon. I more or less went because that's where Geronimo surrendered. I sat exactly where they sat when it went down. The treasure that was hidden by cowboys really was over in another canyon. I have a Rancher friend down there and he told me of a family in which the father died accidently, so the mother took the kids up on the sides of mountains and cut wood for a living. She had like 6 or 7 kids. Well, one of them stumbled into a cave where there was a huge pile of gold coins. They took them all and on the way out of the area, she stopped and payed all of her debits with gold coin. When asked where they were heading, she told them somewhere warm on the ocean in California! I lived there in the area for two years working at the prison. Those were the coldest two winters I ever spent in Arizona!

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    Feb 2018
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    Everyone who is interested in the treasure of Skeleton Canyon should look outside the box for clues. You can sit there and read and re-read all the stories by treasure writers related to this legend, but the real clues are not found there. Look into the army/cavalry movements during that time (old maps) as well as the Apache Wars. Anything about the Earps is useful. The Tombstone Epitaph has good leads in it's pages. I have collected and studied this legend for 30 years and I am pretty sure I could get to within 50 to 100 yards of where it is buried. Good Luck.
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