Monticello ....Mount Tabor Buried Gold
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    Monticello ....Mount Tabor Buried Gold

    Sheriff Hyatt related the following story: During the last of the Civil
    War an attempt was made to send United States currency to Pine Bluff for
    safekeeping by residents of Mount Tabor. The money was placed in individual sacks which were tagged with each owner's name. These were packed in a blue granite wash basin and loaded on a wagon, with two men assigned to take it to Pine Bluff.
    As they neared the Claude Lock place, they met a rider who told them the
    Yanks were coming. They quickly buried the gold by a big pine stump. After the
    Yankees left, a search was made for the money but it was not found. In about 1949
    [date wrong], when Lock was clearing new ground on the Old Military Road he
    bulldozed up the blue granite basin. It contained $22,000 [the amount got
    exaggerated through the years!] in gold coins. Gold being illegal at that
    time, he turned it in to Union Bank for face value."

    > Monticello, April 11, 1920 - Two cans comtaining gold, said to be worth
    between $4,000 and $5,000, were unearthed by Claude Lack while plowing in a
    20 acre field near Monticello, according to reports received here. Lack was
    preparking the ground for spring planting, when his plow came in contact
    with an immovable object, it is said. Wishing to avoid further
    inconveniences from the obstacle, the plowman dropped his lines, obtained an
    iron bar and removed the hidden cans. He was considerably amazed when he
    found they contained gold. It is believed the gold was buried during the
    days of the Civil War.
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    Re: Monticello ....Mount Tabor Buried Gold

    Hey, this thread got me to join the forum. So 1st post. And thanks for this. I've never heard of this and I live in Monticello. I'll have to ask around about this definitely.

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