Secret Cherokee Tunnel Treasure & MAP OF THIEVES
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    Jul 2010
    Roswell, GA

    Secret Cherokee Tunnel Treasure & MAP OF THIEVES

    Hey fellow Georgia hunters,

    I wanted to announce my new mystery thriller novel MAP OF THIEVES which plays off the legend of the Secret Cherokee Tunnel that supposedly is located somewhere along the Etowah River from Hightower to Canton. This novel is set in Georgia with scenes in Savannah, Atlanta, and of course the north Georgia mountains. Think of National Treasure meets The Godfather. There's a lot of Cherokee Indian history and controversy along with Civil War history intertwined in a deadly hunt for treasure—a literal Map of Thieves that is hidden within the secret tunnel. Over the last two years, I did extensive research and site visits based on the rare book The Cry of the Eagle, a non fiction title written by legendary Cherokee treasure hunter Forrest C. Wade. I also delved into the book Georgia's Fabulous Treasures and its treasure stories, too.

    So, if you'd like to be educated as well as entertained on a "a great mystery with an ingenious plot," as one 5-Star Amazon reviewer put it, then please do check out MAP OF THIEVES in both print and eBook formats. For the Amazon link, click here.

    I also had published a treasure hunting article you might enjoy called The Allure of Finding Treasure. You can read that FREE PDF with a click here.

    Best Regards and happy hunting!!

    Michael Karpovage
    Author of The Tununda Mysteries
    President, Karpovage Creative, Inc.
    Master Mason



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