Whitley treasure? what is now present day Fort Benning GA.
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    Whitley treasure? what is now present day Fort Benning GA.

    I have been looking at everything I could possibly find on this. I will post the blog about it here so you will be able to read everything I have. I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this or can debunk/validate any information on this. I figured i'm in a great spot to possibly look for this with some help. I know exactly where the outpost number 1 is (building no longer there).

    This is THE blog from okietreasurehunter.blogspot.com

    Thursday, October 7, 2010
    A Georgia Treasure
    Once again I owe my apologies to our readers. I have fallen behind in posting something on the blog the last couple of weeks. The weather has gotten really nice where I am and I have been taking advantage of it to get in as much treasure hunting as possible.

    I would like to tell you that in the future I will manage my time better but I would probably be lying. As long as I have active treasure sites I will always be behind on everything else, I just canít help myself!

    With that said, here is a story of a family treasure hidden away in the 1800ís that dear old Uncle Sam got part of and is keeping anyone else from finding the rest.

    During the middle of the 1800ís there was a wealthy family with the last name of Whitley who owned a large plantation in the area that is now Fort Benning in Georgia. Just as the Civil War broke out the elder Whitley took the family fortune, which consisted of $150,000 in gold and silver coins, placed it into two chests and buried it somewhere on the plantation. He apparently didnít discuss this with the rest of the family and didnít tell anyone else where it was hidden. This angered a couple his nephews, so much so that Mr. Whitley was found shot to death on his plantation.

    The family made several futile searches for the money but never found it. Jump forward to the 1920ís and three soldiers who decided to search for the treasure. These three soldiers found one of the two chests. It was buried near a ravine near the present day Outpost #1.

    There luck didnít stay with them because two of them contracted pneumonia just after making the recovery and died. Shortly after their deaths the third man also came down with pneumonia and passed away.

    Rumors were that the ghost of old man Whitley was protecting his treasure and a curse would follow anyone who took his money. The military conducted an investigation into ther deaths and the recovery of the treasure. After concluding the investigation Uncle Sam confiscated the treasure and stopped allowing people to search for treasure on the fort property.

    Granted, this isnít a treasure you can go searching for but I thought it was an interesting story.

    Maybe a long lost relative can lay claim the treasure and make Uncle Sam cough up the gold and silver coins. It would be worth a pretty hefty amount these days!



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