1887 Louisiana Gold Mine
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Thread: 1887 Louisiana Gold Mine

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    1887 Louisiana Gold Mine

    thought this was interesting.....

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    Jul 2008
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    Re: 1887 Louisiana Gold Mine

    In February of 1882, R. C. Cameron reported evidence of placer mining for gold on Rocky Bayou and Bayou Darro. He was ridiculed and scoffed at so he sent samples of the creek bottom sands to New Orleans and the Assayers, Claussen and Lynch, reported that the sands of these creek bottoms would yield per ton; $19.80 in silver ore and $179.84 in gold.
    In April, 1887, Edourd Gillard took 150 workers into the area and made a number of excavations. The project was successful as far as finding gold and silver but was not profitable and the project was abandoned.
    Don Jose Bernardo Maxmillio Gutierrez de Lardo was a merchant and blacksmith at Revilla, a village near the junction of the Rio Salado and the Rio Grande in Mexico. Gutierrez was a follower of Padres Hidalgo Castillo and Jose Maria Moralas who were encouraging a revolt among the Peons and Mestizos (half breeds) to overthrow the government of Mexico.
    Gutierrez, with Captain Jose Janchesca, a deserter of the Mexican Royalist army, and ten others left Revilla with $30,000 in Mexican gold with which they were to finance a filibustering expedition into Texas. The men were pursued by the Mexican Royalist milita as far as La Ville Du Bayou (now Jordan Ferry, 3 miles west of Lake End). There are several confusing reports that the gold was taken by the Royalists troops and squandered by them. Gutierrez stated this fact but Manchaca stated that the gold was lost to bandits while Gutierrez was on his way overland to Natchez. Gutierrez was transporting the gold in a two-wheeled cart when he left Natchitoches but did not have the gold or cart when he had reached the land of Fiol who supposedly had a way station near present Day Dry Prong. Fiol did have several way stations along the Natchez Trace. Not long thereafter Gutierrez returned to Natchitoches and reported losing the gold to Land Pirates and procured a loan of $200.00 from Dr. John Sibley with which he went to Washington to seek support for his filibustering expedition into Texas. The question remains; did he hide the gold or was he robbed? None of Mexican minted gold eagles ever turned up in the Natchitoches area. This is just one of the many stories of lost treasures in the Grant Parish area.

    from another site....

    In March, 1887, a number of Indian relics, such as flints, pottery, etc., was unearthed on
    the main street of Colfax, by Lindsey, who was excavating a ditch. Among the old
    Creoles and their slaves, a belief existed that Spanish treasure was buried in Indian
    Hill, two miles east of the present town of Colfax, and in another hill three miles north
    of the town. R. C. Cameron, who gave the subject some attention, writes, in February,
    1887, that indications of old placer mines existed here, the waters of Rocky Bayou and
    Bayou Darro being used for washing. Indeed, Mr. Cameron round what he termed
    gold, but the discovery was ridiculed until April, 1887, when Claussen & Lynch, assayers,
    of New Orleans, showed $ 19.80 in silver and $ 179.84 in gold per ton of sand. In 1830
    a Spaniard, named Raphael, told Edourd Gillard that there was gold in the hills. Both
    went thither, and collecting a small quantity of earth and rocks, shipped it to Washington,
    D. C. for assay. The report was not favorable, and the mine was abandoned.
    Mrs. Cora Lacour recollects hearing her father and others speak of this venture.

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    Re: 1887 Louisiana Gold Mine

    Hey guys, yes gold has been and is still being found in Louisiana. The creek beds around Jena and Natchitoches have produced gold. There is even a gold hunting club that hunts around Jena. We have not even mention the ancient caves in the Natchitoches area.

    I have done a little panning and have a small gold collection myself. There are old abandon gravel pits in Catahoula Parish. These pit have old gravel wash sites that may be a hot bed for gold run off. Plan to get over there soon with a post hole digger and take some samples to pan out. Good luck to all.

    PS. This post should be moved to the Louisiana site for more input.
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    Re: 1887 Louisiana Gold Mine

    looking for ot myself
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    I just moved here from Colorado where I would do some gold panning about once a week. Anyway, moving down here, i packed that stuff away thinking I would only use it on trips out to Colorado. I thought the gold out here would be too fine. Is it good flakes or more powdery? I have a sluice also. I would love to do some gold panning out here (I'm jonesing pretty bad). What are some areas, rivers, and creeks I could go to try my luck?
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    I know this is a dead link, but yes there is gold in Louisiana. Off the top of my head gold was found in the Turkey Creek area. I should be noted that it was radioactive.

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