A Few Notes About Natchez History.
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Thread: A Few Notes About Natchez History.

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    A Few Notes About Natchez History.

    Natchez, Mississippi is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement on the Mississippi River system; therefore, the possibilities of caches, relics, treasures, etc. are almost boundless. Here are just a few notes I've made through the years from info found in old history books, historical societies' publications, biographies, and autobiographies. Take notice, that none of these writings pertained to treasure hunting and lost treasures. The best leads for treasure and relics are normally found in reputable books and articles written about thoroughly researched history.

    ---During Spanish rule, serious outlawry started in about 1786. Originally sited as a Spanish fort location, Natchez became a center of / for commerce and a gateway to and from the western "frontier". After the area became part of the US as a territory and on through the Civil War era, Natchez had more millionares, per ca pita, than anyother place in the United States and its territories.

    ---James Armstrong, was a well-known leader of one active gang. With him were his 2 sons, a black slave he owned, John & James Lovell, and James Blair. One son's name was James Jr. The elder Armstrong bragged that he was, "the one who commanded at Coles Creek" ; apparently an outlaw den. James Armstrong Sr. was eventually caught by the Spanish and executed.

    ---Two miles north of the Natchez landing was a narrow necked bend. This densely wooded peninsula projected westward some 18 (?) miles. A boat coming down the Mississippi River might come within 2 miles of the port by land, but still have to travel 30-something miles by water before reaching the landing. Lookouts watching from the towering bluffs north of town could easily see these boats before they were visible downstream. They would signal cohorts when the victims got near. Cargoes were swiftly removed to a safe cache in the Devil's Punch Bowl, the Spaniards called, "Diablas Exeunt". Another description of it was thus....."A densely wooded, bowl shaped declivity almost surrounded by towering cliffs. On the west, however, it opens on the river."

    ---The Natchez Trace was a prehistoric trail. As early as 1682, De Tonti described it as "a sunken trail running from village to village and cabin to cabin." The Natchez Tribe had used it and early French soldiers and traders knew its tortuous windings.

    ---Yellow Fever epidemics hit Natchez many times. The one in 1853 was the worst ever recorded in the United States.

    ---During the Civil War, ruthless marauders were roving through the countryside sacking and burning plantations before the Union forces ever came down the Mississippi River. (1862)

    ---When word came that Vicksburg had fallen, Natchez citizens began burying their silver pieces and family jewels. Town and County officials also hid all records and many fled to sections still occupied by the Confederates. On the 13th of July, 9 days after the fall of Vicksburg, the Yankees came into Natchez and set up a military government. The area leaders had contacted the Union military leaders beforehand and agreed that if their homes and businesses were spared the torch, the town would surrender without a fight. That is the primary reason that the majority of plantation homes and antebellum homes in town were still standing after the war; and are still standing today for the annual Pilgrimage of Homes.

    ---Jean Lafitte's brother reportedly ran slaves into Natchez from across the river in Louisiana. There were several camps of ill-repute located all around Lake Concordia and Vidalia, Louisiana Territory.

    That's all for now. Maybe somemore later.
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    Re: A Few Notes About Natchez History.

    Thanks for posting. Very interesting read.......
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    Re: A Few Notes About Natchez History.

    Give me more, Give me more. I live in Natchez. I haven't found any Caches yet, but I will soon. I bet ya. I am also looking for someone to go do some diggin with. Let me know...I would be game.

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    Re: A Few Notes About Natchez History.




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