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Thread: Natchez Treasure

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    Feb 2008
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    Natchez Treasure

    I was told by my father of a treasure in a cast iron pot that was buried in a area around natchez. He said he remembered as a child going with his parents to the site where they had dug out with big heavy machinery and hooked on to the pot. He said there was a big crowd of folks all watching. While trying to pull the pot out of the mississippi mud the cable broke and they did not try again. This took place in the late 1950's or the very early 60's. The story caught my imagination and when I was around 13 or 14 I went to the state archives and tried to look up through old newspapers to see if I could find the story. After hours of looking I found a few articles about the pot of gold. I am 26 now and I dont really remember all the details of the article. I just remember that it was a cast iron pot, supposedly treasure buried by theives of the natchez trace, buried on someone's land or farm, each time they reached the cast iron pot it kept sinking further in the mud, and after sometime the area they dug out became the size of a small pond and filled with water. Does this story sound familiar to anyone? Would like to save myself the time of having to go back to the archives....

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    Re: Natchez Treasure

    Maybe ?

    This is a story about two young Cajuns that were on a mission up the Natchez Trace in search of a treasure of gold. The gold was buried in the earth near the Natchez Trace at a place the Indians called Big Hill, some two hundred miles up the trace from Natchez, Mississippi. This story of why the gold was at this location and who the owners were, is like many things in history that are lost forever. Since I was born in the county where it happened and heard firsthand about the black farm family while plowing the field, the pot of gold was caught on the plow and unearthed. The spot where they found the gold was pointed out to me when I was very young. I tried to find some information in the newspapers of that time in history. If there was any, it has eluded me. The news of it could have been squashed by the influence of the land-owners because of laws passed by our government that all gold would be owned by our banking system. There is some more history. The Indians called it Big Hill. Then it was known as Red Bud Springs, to this day as Kosciusko. Why would a town in the central part of Mississippi be named for polish general of our revolutionary war and honor him with a placard out near the courthouse square? Also, almost in sight of the treasure of gold is the home place of a very famous person, Oprah Winfrey in her earlier years. The place is known as the Buffalo Community. For those that are not aware of the Natchez Trace and how it happened to be there, the Indians of that time established it as a trace south from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. Quite a feat, for this was a great wilderness at the time. The white man made great use of it, first by foot and horseback, then wagon. The older of the young Cajuns was a gambler by trade in New Orleans, from time to time on the river boats of that day. He acquired the map of gold location from a down and out carpetbagger from a New York way.

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    Re: Natchez Treasure

    The last thread is the story that I was told by my father and I researched at the state archives. Has anything more ever been researched into the story? I remember seeing pictures of the newspaper that the area is basically a pond now from the amounts of digging which was done.

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    Mar 2008

    Re: Natchez Treasure

    This is the story of the Gold Hole located just outside Natchez on the old Roxie Rd. The company attempting the recovery took thier equipment and left in the middle of the night.... Makes you wonder what they found. The Gold Hole is now just a fish pond.

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    Feb 2008
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    Re: Natchez Treasure

    I am a teacher of MS studies and we were watching a video of Look around MS with Walt Grayson talking about unknown things about the state. Believe it or not one of the things he was talking about was the old Roxie gold hole. He said that they attached a steal cable to the "pot of gold" as it kept sinking down into the mud and showed the cable still attached to a tree next to the pond. I have never heard of the story that they excavators picking up and leaving, but who knows........
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    Jul 2009

    Re: Natchez Treasure

    The "Gold Hole" of Natchez search begun in the 50's by a novice treasure hunter from Laurel,MS by the name of "Maglie"(or something like that) Bullock. I knew him when I was a teenager. He never claimed to have recovered the treasure but always claimed it was there. He started digging with a shovel and ended up with a small dragline on a small barge . The story can be found in the New Orleans Time Picayune newspaper about 1955. They did extensive coverage with photos in their Sunday special . I think it was called the "The Mirror" I heard that he sold shares in the adventure and that was how he raised his funds. I think he ran a small auto repair business in Laurel. He did seem to prosper afterwards. He was respected by friends and I never heard that it was a scam, some say that he did recover some coins. I seem to remember that they hooked onto it several times and cable either slipped off or broke because of quicksand. I think it was described as a cast iron chest (similar to a casket) instead of a pot.
    I don't think that any of the original "hunters" are still around Laurel or alive.



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