Choteau Cache of Gold
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    Choteau Cache of Gold

    This one was not added to our Montana book series.
    Choteau Cache of Gold
    Choteau, Montana
    August 17, 1905
    Quite a sensation was created last week by the discovery of a strip of buffalo hide nailed to a cottonwood tree on P. Herronís ranch. It appears that a party of gold hunters, returning from the Cariboo diggings to their homes in Montana, were attacked by Indians while crossing Pincher Creek. Only one escaped.
    He, so the story runs, cached the bulk of the gold and marked the cache by nailing a piece of buffalo hide to a tree. Taking only as much of the treasure as he could conveniently carry, he made his way in safety to Montana. Soon after, he set out again to fetch the remaining gold from the cache. He was never seen again.
    The story however which he had communicated to a friend, leaked out. And, from time to time, many treasure hunters sought in vain for the tree with the buffalo hide mark.
    White cutting the right of way for the water system, the tree was discovered. Although about 30 years have elapsed since it was nailed there, the nailed part of the hide was imbedded in the wood of the tree. The strip of raw buffalo hide was well-preserved, even the hair having withstood the weathering of the seasons.
    It is said that some of our citizens have dug and delved over a considerable portion of the land in the vicinity, but it has not been heard that the lost treasure has been found.



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