Victorio Peak Update
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    Jan 2009
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    Victorio Peak Update

    I live in southern New Mexico and my former neighbor (I have since moved) is an Archeologist and worked for the company that monitored the digging of Victorio Peak by the Noss Partnership in the 1980's. By the terms of the contract with the U.S. Govt a licensed Archeologist had to be on site the entire time they were working. They had a big vaccum cleaner that sucked all the dirt out of the collapsed area.

    They did find a few small tools that dated to the time of Doc Noss and some writings on the cave walls. I asked him if the treasure was still there and he replied that whatever was there is long gone as the amount of Heavy Equipment work was extreme. The Noss Partnership ran out of money and the digging had to stop before they a) reached the bottom where the cave is and b) the time alloted in the contract to dig had been used up. If they had raised more funds the answer to the treasure may have been finally answered.

    He has a permit that allows him to explore without an escort on the Missle Range. The Govt doesn't want to find human remains found in the middle of a strategic weapons construction project so they have him check the sites out. He has travelled up & down the Missle Range for years.

    Another friend was involved in the capture of Big Horn Sheep in the San Andreas Mountains. They had scabies and all were captured and treated to avoid extinction there. He said the same thing to me about the amount ofHeavy Equipment usage all around Victorio peak. Some of the locals believe President Kennedy, who visited WSMR in the early 60's may have taken it then and that is possibly why he was killed.

    Anyway, just wanted to share some of what the locals have seen and heard.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Victorio Peak Update

    Thanks for the update.

    Tuolumne County Incident Feed

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Victorio Peak Update

    My Friend & Partner in NM, is/was Doc Noss's Grandson
    I have seen and I have been privey to a WHOLE! lot of NOSS FAMILY information
    YOUR STATEMENT(s) about JFK!
    (On ALL! COUNTS!)
    ASK LBJ (JFK's Vice Pres. at the time!)

    PS....A good source of FACTUAL INFORMATION......Get the Book "100 Tons of Gold"
    CptBil & Bugs

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    Aug 2008
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    Re: Victorio Peak Update

    Of course, I don't know which archaeologist he was talking about---because we kept getting new ones all the time, whose main assignment was to SPY on our activities, and then call HQ every night--using OUR telephone setup to give his report !! More than once, I caught an 'arky' hiding behind a boulder, listening to what we were saying, and then heard her call in and report it ! One of the 'arkys' had the audacity to tell us that he was there to " SHUT US DOWN" ! They knew there had been a famous Indian battle in the area but had no idea exactly where it took place--until we told them----which was a BIG mistake, because those areas IMMEDIATELY became " off-limits" to us ! ( we couldn't even WALK across them ! ) They prevented our working at one of our Prime targets, because they declared it ( without justification) as an " archaeological zone" !! We now have the PROOF that this was the exact spot where tons of gold were illegally removed, before we got there ! Do you think that was merely a coincidence ??



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