dents run treasure
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    dents run treasure

    I have read a few different stories from the members here and heard some of my own about dents run.I live about half an hr from there and was always interested in it.I found some friends where i live that know about this to,and we know of some things about the treasure but are looking for as much info as possible.We plan on looking for this on a regular basis starting this spring if anybody knows of anything that might give us an edge in looking for the treasure we sure would be thankfull for your help.

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    Re: dents run treasure

    Found this on the web...not sure if its applicable. If not, let me know and I will scrub it.

    Butler Treasure Hunters Page

    Pete's November 1996 Article.

    "Robber's Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge" by Pete Bennett

    In a recent article I told you of my experiences playing in a Country Bands. This time I'll tell you of another one of my hobbies, metal detecting or coin shooting, as it is more commonly called today. I have found a lot of interesting items in the last twenty years, such as, coins, rings, watches and Civil War relics. Once I found a ladies wedding ring that she had lost over forty years ago and a class ring of a boy in Virginia to whom I returned the ring, after contacting his school. I also found a beautiful diamond ring with 9 stones one year while hunting at the beach When I arrived home I showed it to my wife who immediately put it on her finger. It fit perfect and she hasn't taken it off since then except, at my request to have it appraised. The appraiser said it was worth $200.00 but you know how those appraisers are, it's probably worth twice as much. I know it would be if you were buying one like it. My metal detecting partner is my brother Jim from Emporium and we sometimes travel great distances to find a good spot. The beaches are great in the spring. Also old picnic grounds, churches, schools and fair grounds.

    You know, you get a lot of strange looks from people who see you digging in the ground. It's obvious they don't understand the motivation behind it. If they did they too would probably be indulging in this hobby. The excitement is in not knowing what you will find, although my White's Eagle II detector sort of takes a little of that away. It tells me, before I dig, a general idea of what I'm digging (by size or shape, nickel, dime quarter, etc.) and how deep it is (in inches.) I do not dig nails, bottle caps or junk! The detector eliminates them by using what's known as discrimination mode. This mode can be by-passed for hunting iron or tin items such as Civil War relics.

    Another of my motivations has always been the possibility of finding a buried treasure. After reading articles of the hidden gold in the Dents Run area and about the treasure trove that still waits to be found down stream from where the Austin Dam broke, I really get hyped up. I recall reading an item in the Williamsport Grit a few years back that recalled another lost treasure of local significance. Although I can't quite recall the entire article, I can give you a pretty good idea of what it said. I remember the article began......

    Between $40,000 and $50,000 dollars in gold coins are believed to be hidden somewhere near the Kinzua Bridge which is located three miles north of the village of Mount Jewett, McKean County, Pennsylvania.

    The loot, the result of a bank robbery in Emporium, was said to be buried in glass jars beneath a large triangular rock, sometime during the summer of 1893. Over the years, thousands of people have searched for it, with little success. Wanna hear more?

    The original Kinzua Bridge which was engineered by Octave Chanute, spanned the gorge 300 feet below. When it was completed in 1882, the 2000 feet-long structure was believed to be the largest, longest and highest railroad bridge in the world.

    Butler County Treasurer Hunters
    Copyright 2006
    Butler Treasure Hunters Page

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    Re: dents run treasure

    Interesting story, seems like there is a very lot of treasure stories in Mckean and Potter Counties
    Re Dents Run , there's a team up there right now from finders keepers.
    Interested in knowing how their samples went? I think there is a thread on it I'm trying to
    find it here.

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    Here is some info on hunting the gold.......

    Union gold legend lives on - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



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