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Thread: Possible outlaw loot hidden/buried near Cedar Hill?

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    Jun 2013
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    Possible outlaw loot hidden/buried near Cedar Hill?

    Anyone ever heard anything about outlaw loot being hidden in a cave or natural overhang near Cedar Hill? Supposedly west of the town near Joe Pool Lake, and possibly underneath the lake now.

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    Jul 2013
    Arlington, TX
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    OK, I'll expand a little on this. I grew up in a small community between Mansfield and Midlothian Texas called Britton. In this community lived an old gentleman named Herman Cope. His Father, who went by the name "Boss" Cope, had often told a tale of some outlaw loot purported to be buried in a "cave" somewhere between Britton and Cedar Hill, an area now largely occupied by Joe Poole Lake, but not entirely. I know of no more details than this, other than I have heard my own Father and Uncle discussing this several times while I was growing up. They never made any attempt to locate it, and in all the time I ran around in the hills in that area, never ran across anything resembling a "cave". But, in my teenage years, we seemed to have a reasonably large number of Bats flying around Britton around sunset. Where did they come from? I have no idea, but small sinkholes were known to appear, one even on our property, now and then that, no matter how much soil you put into them, they could not be filled up. This lead me to believe that, possibly, a cave might exist somewhere beneath the area of Britton and Joe Poole Lake. Maybe not, but it does lend a small amount of credence to Boss Cope's story.
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    Oct 2012
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    Neat stuff There's a place close to my farm that something was buried by the indians . I found stuff on the net about it and the older man that owns the place told me that his mother told him about it when he was a kid. He even took me to the area where it should be at . Just so grown up you can't hardly walk

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    Feb 2008
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    Before the Comanche relocation to Ft Sill OK some Indians hid their booty (items stolen from settlers).
    I talked to a man back in the 70s who was then near 100 yrs old. He said an Indian was seen hanging
    around his homeplace looking for markers where he had buried his stash. This man showed me a
    "museum" he had way out in the sticks with Indian garments, old weapons, bows, arrows and so much
    authentic artifacts I was stunned. I still have three signed books he wrote. The area was between
    Weatherford and Springtown.

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    Oct 2014
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by MattfromTexas View Post
    Anyone ever heard anything about outlaw loot being hidden in a cave or natural overhang near Cedar Hill? Supposedly west of the town near Joe Pool Lake, and possibly underneath the lake now.
    My family lived on the Penn farm - I have a story handed down to my family of the double headed 20 gold pieces.
    this was told to my gradmother; 1 coin did turn up here in the Wheatland Texas, you go past a gate, across the creek is a rock with a fish carved on it. it is suspose to be buried in a old wash pan that was bought with the 20 dollar gold piece.

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    Apr 2014
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    This is quite interesting, I've been able to do some research and will want to get out that way this year when the weather is a little better. It would be about a 40 minute drive so that's not too bad. Looks like there's a park in the area. That alone makes me feel like going out there and at least see some nice nature / a different part of North Texas. As usual I'm going wild assembling a PowerPoint with all kinds of maps. Good information so far, and depending on other interest, might be willing to try and coordinate something. Sounds like y'all have some real connections to the area so it does get me a bit excited! Thanks for sharing.

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    Apr 2014
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer
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    Went out this weekend. Very interesting area, nice to visit. I won't be going back for quite a while, maybe March at the earliest. I scouted as much from the East bank of Joe Pool Lake as I could for the morning. I found the old Cope property, and an old fence that more than likely was from his day. Easy to access the lake through a lot that was for sale (no house, no postings saying off limits), and it looks like that lake is really low. Like for years has been getting lower. Quite a few big paw prints like there's a wild dog or some Coyotes out there. Disappointing amount of trash but people are like that.

    Drove nice and slow around the south side and up towards the West bank. There's a lot of growth in the area, houses and developments. It might be easier with a boat, but I don't have access to one and I have a feeling when I do get back out there I'll be in the right area to keep searching. I enjoyed the visit, got a couple good pictures, and will enjoy going back another time.
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