The treasure of King Alaric: the spoils of Rome buried near Cosenza in Italy
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    The treasure of King Alaric: the spoils of Rome buried near Cosenza in Italy

    The Visigoths (an early eastern Germanic tribe) led by their king Alaric conquered and plundered the opulent Rome in 410 A.D. A few months after that, King Alaric died unexpectedly. The historian Jordanes, a Goth himself, wrote that the Visigoths buried Alaric "with many treasures" in a secret location under the river Busento near Cosenza in southern Italy. I am a psychiatrist with a strong research background and my contribution is quoted in major US textbooks. Last year I traveled in Italy and while in Cosenza, I came across the story of Alaric's treasure. I was sceptical initially, suspecting it was a legend, but from curiosity I started researching the topic. I examined carefully the ancient writers, as well as the works of the modern historians and archaeologists who are authorities in the field. I have used my own psychiatric experience in the assessment of the behaviors of those who may have participated in the funeral of Alaric. I now believe that he was indeed buried with treasures near Cosenza in southern Italy. Many have tried and failed to find Alaric's tomb and treasure. I am not a treasure hunter, but you are and you, the American treasure hunters, have the best equipment in the world. Read about this secret burial, try to understand the mentality of those early Germans, and? see if you can come up with workable plans.

    At this point, I know no other effective way of bringing these facts to the attention of the treasure hunting community. Please have a look at my book 'The treasure of Alaric' and its description at It is also available at all Amazon international sites and at Many brick and mortar bookstores will ship it to you, if they do not have it on the shelves.
    I thought you might find it of interest. Obviously, it is a non-fiction book. Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have questions. Thank you.
    Dr. Daniel Costa

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    Re: The treasure of King Alaric: the spoils of Rome buried near Cosenza in Italy

    nice story i wish to know more of this how much money that treasure worth acually?? is there burried gold diamonds or?




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