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Thread: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

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    What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Any theories?
    One clue survived. Rosslyn Chapel contains several symbols, signs, engravings, faces and seals of the Knights Templar that are built into the Chapel. There are actually 6 vaults lying three stories below the Chapel that they will not give permission to study or recover in fear the Chapel will callapse.
    They say the layout and construction of Rosslyn Chapel are to be giving a clue. It is built resembling Harris Temple of the Knights Templar.

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    Nov 2004
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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Well prior to the trials and death of each Templar member they had removed several thousand pounds sterling from their temple. They compared it to walking into Fort Knox now.
    Eventually the Knights Templar was the wealthiest organization in the World, even France was in debt to them which is why the King ordered them arrested in the first place. To erase their extreme debt.
    All of their wealth that has dissappeared is in Silver and Gold.
    The movie "National Treasure" had a lot of real Knights Templar research within the movie.

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    I've said this numerous times in several threads,

    Just look at the flag of Switzerland. Look familiar?

    Within a couple of years after Philip and the Pope destroyed the Templar Knights as an organization, a group of white robed knights showed up in the area that is now Switzerland. They defeated the Visigoths (I think) and brought peace to the people, and allowed the country of Switzerland to be formed.

    The Swiss use the very same banking methods invented by the Templars to protect Christian Travelers' Money in the Holy Lands.

    The most likely case for where the Templars went, leads straight to Switzerland.

    Why would they keep their identities a secret? EASY! Imagine the fact that the Pope had every good Christian in the world looking for you (to kill you), would you give your identity very freely?


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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    If there are any Masons here, we could put a gun to their head and make 'em talk.

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Think Molay arranged for most of it to be
    shipped into Scotland and Portugal.

    The Scottish national banking system
    evolved from the Order's experience in Europe during
    the time they were being pursued.
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Has anyone heard of an actual search being done for the treasure?

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar


    There have been several searches, Most done by the "non Mason" descendants of Masons and Templars. The searches are kept very 'tight lipped' for obvious reasons. If word gets out the searcher is labled a nut case every time.

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    I have been researching the KT for several years now and have meet 2 men who have spend 20+ years looking for their treasure. I think very little if any is hide. gollum has it right the treasure was sent to Switzerland. But that's a different story. I have just lately started to look in that direction
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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Dear group;
    The Kinghts of the Temple of Solomon are credited with many forward thinking accomplishments, namely the worlds' first travelers cheques and the worlds' first international banking system.

    Pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land could deposit their valuables in a Templar stronghold in Europe, then recieve a receipt for the value of their goods, written in code. Then, if they needed funds during their travels, they could recieve credit in form of local currency from any Templar stronghold en route to the Holy Land, or in the Holy Land itself. The Templars then recieved a small compensation for this service.

    As time went on, Templars began loaning money to nobility, and in return they recieved a *comission* for these services which they rendered, as charging interest on loans was a practice strictly prohibited by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. It was these two acts which got the Templars in hot water with the Vatican.

    As time progressed, the Templars amassed more wealth in form of hard currency, lands and fortresses and power inside of the various royal houses of Europe and the Middle East. It can be surmised that much of the lands deeded to the Templars was done so in lieu of the *comissions* they were charging on the loans they underwrote. As the individual Templar was sworn to poverty, collectively the Order was becoming more wealthy and powerful with each successive year.

    When originally formed, the Knights of Temple swore vows of poverty, and to defend the Holy Lands against foreign invaders (even though they themselves were foreigners, oddly enough), protect pilgrims during their visit to the Holy Land and to defend the churches and local authorities against Muslims and other enemies. Once the Holy Land fell to the infidels for the last time, the Knights of Temple soon found themselves without a job or a landbase from which to operate.

    They therefore returned to their strongholds in Europe and continued to operate from them exactly as they had along the route to the Middle East and the Holy Land. It was during this time span that the Templars' physical wealth began to dwindle as their power increased. This happened because the Templars soon began loaning money to all the nobility of Europe, and this very same nobility in turn used the funds to promote war on their neighbors.

    As one may very well guess, this did not sit well with the Pope nor did it with the European nobility. Granting a loan to a royal house was one thing, even for the purpose of conducting war, but granting loans to all of the combatants in a campaign was something else entirely. The Templars soon discovered that they needed to remain in a complete state of neutrality so that their now very lucrative business not be disturbed.

    It may also be surmised that King Phillip IV of France, who was heavily in debt to the Templars at this time, wished to see the Order disbanded, in part because of Phillips' lavish expendures and also, it is surmised because Phillip was angered at the Order when they refused to support him during his was with the English as the Knights Templar had also loaned money to the English nobility in. On 13 October 1307, Phillips had hundreds of Knights Templars arrested in France and on 22 November of the same year, under almost continual pressure from King Philip IV of France, Pope Clement V issued a bull, which contained instructions for all Christian monarchs to arrest the Templars residing in their lands and to sieze all of their assests and lands.

    Finally, in 1312, with Phillip threatening military action against the Vatican, Pope Clement issued a number of Papal bulls, including theVox in Excelso which effectively disbanded the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon and gave most of their assests to the Hospitallers. In all reality, very few Templars were actually executed and there were less than 50 Templars executed in France under the direction of King Phillip, most notably the Grand Master of the Temple in France, Jacques de Molay and the Preceptor of Normandy, Geoffrey de Charney, were burned alive at the stake for the crime of relapsed heresy on 18 March 1314.

    Most of the rest of the Templars were rounded up, arrested and tried under Papal Investigation, however virtually none of them were found guilty of any wrongdoing and they were and were allowed to go free. Many of the now freed Templars joined other Orders, such as the Hospitallers or fled to the safety of recently excommunicated Scotland, or fled to Portugal, where they simply changed their name from the Knights Templars to the Knights of Christ and continued in the same manner as before.

    The Roman Catholic Church recently announced that in retrospect and after exhaustive research into the documents leading up to the disbandment of the Order admitted that the Medieval proscution of the Order was unfounded and unjust and that there was nothing with the Order as whole and that the Orders' activities and Rule were in accordance to the Papal laws set forth at the time. it was further proclaimed that Pope Clement V, under extreme pressure from Phillip the Fair of France, was forced into a scandal that unjustly presecuted and disbanded this Christian order.
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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    It's stashed on Oak Island...

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Good one Aquanut!

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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    ahhhhh c'mon it's inder a church at the corner of wall st and the heer.....am I the omly one who saw the movie


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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    Alright,, here we go
    To those who are familiar, this is Roger Snow

    To first discuss where the treasure went
    perhaps we would best determine where it came from

    I am a descendent of a Grand Master of the Knights Templar
    and i will get right to the point.

    King Solomon sent his men with the Men of King Hiram to the land of Ophir

    King Hiram was the Phoeniccian King

    At Victorio Peak , as well as in the Organ Mountains of new mexico
    can be found the Tanit icons, they are stone monuments to the Phoeniccian Goddess Tanit

    Victorio Peak was a store of Ophir gold that King Solomons men and the Phoeniccian were tapping

    At Victorio Peak and throughout the southwest, one may find the Templar Symbols and signs
    and the Templar Cross on the stone pillar at Victorio Peak.

    Tyre was a Knights Templar stronghold
    it was also the Royal City of King Hiram

    It was at Tyre that the Knights were handed the ancient co-ords to the Land of Ophir

    The Knights sent ships to the land where by land and sea, it took 3 years round trip
    for King Solomons men to bring him 4 tons of GOLD.

    They came, they followed the ancient Israelites stone markers from the Gulf of Mexico along the Rio Grand River and eventually found some of the caverns that the Gold/Silver/copper
    was stored.

    The Bars of Vcky peak as well as the bars i found and others who have over the years found them, are very ancient
    Capt. Fiegie and Ken Prather stated that the bars they found were melded together and had to be pried apart with a pick ax.

    the bat guano was knee deep in the cave
    two evidences that this stack of bars was of ancient manufacture just as the assay stated.

    The Tanit Icons are obvious proof that the Phoeniccians were at vickey peak and also in the Organ Mountains where my Dad and also myself have photographed these stone monuments to their Goddess Tanit. They can be seen in Lebanon Today still standing ( ancient Tyre is now Lebanon)

    In Bluffs, on Boulders,,, hell, all over the mountains are ancient Hebrew/Phoeniccian symbolic script carved and also painted, as we would call them Pictoglyphs.

    Casa Grande Arizona, the 13th century stone House was a Knights Templar structure
    In the 1950's during an excavation of a wall there, a SEA SHELL, CARVED IN THE LEVEL AND COMPASS DESIGN, THAT THE KNIGHTS HAD AS THEIR SEAL, WAS FOUND.

    Many Knights Templar artefacts have been found
    a few years ago, a Knights Templar token of merchant was found
    in a cave in Utah, dated at the 1200's, it is Fleur De lies inscribed and is a token of credit as described by a poster above

    The cave i found had Templar artefacts in it as well and was a deposit by my anscestor
    Rascione,,, some mistake him for a priest and write the name as Jorge Rascone, it is actually Jaques Rascione

    He was FRENCH not Spanish and his Sarcouphagus and mummified body wearing his Knights Templar Ring and holding his staff over his chest has been found in his Tomb at Soledad Peak in the Organ Mountains.

    The Templars sent ships for years to the southwest united states recovering the treasure of Solomon.

    Pedro Navarez mentions in his Letter the Tomb, he states that the "PRIEST" wears the ring of a Bishop
    He thought Rscione was a Priest, he was not, he was a Knights Templar
    He even mentions the robe the mummy was wearing.

    Be advised, many screen writers surf the web for plot line
    I wrote on one website about my GGgrandfather bringing me a letter and map when i was about 5 years old. and instructing me on the treasure

    Note that someone asked if they could qoute me
    i said go ahead
    National Treasure came out
    i went to see it
    and the First scene is a replication of what i wrote about my GGgrandfather and myself
    being told by him of our Family Legacy as descendents and inheitors to the Treasure.

    The information i freely put out over the web is for education in the Mystery
    not for freaking profit or sale.

    iritating to me are the pigs of this earth that seek nothing but freaking greed and money

    Where the Treasure is NOW
    These deposits of Ophir Gold are vigurously sought after by inteligence agencies of the United States Government
    The National Security Agency runs the Projects of Recovery as they refer to it

    Many operations focused on US citizens are outlined in these operations covered by the overall Project

    I am outlined in several of the operations as being a descendent and inheitor of some of the treasure and also as one who could decypher the codes and symbols.

    Where a hugh amount of the treasure is at this momment is a Mystery that the NSA can answer but will not, for they have recovered a hell of a lot of it
    Victorio Peak being about half of the smelted Ophir Gold.

    Now, you have some factual information to ponder, this is true story stuff, not a freaking movie

    How you handle the truth is up to you.

    Rennes held a portion of treasure
    Oak Island held some

    Roslyn has catacombs,,, and in them are some Knights Templar Artefacts.

    Massachusetts has some treasure, many places the deposits are.

    Each of them has inheiritors who OWN them.

    Each of the inheiritors are under projects and operations of a criminal government agency that
    is powered by tax dollars to steal the inheiritence from them.

    Once done with recovery, they attempt Mk Ultra brainwashing on the Victems and attempt to scramble them into lunatic fringe.

    A reader here may be on the edge of his won discovery
    and may be monitored by the NSA for that alone.

    Believe it as paranoia babble or not
    I for one MOFO of this world KNOW what they do to people who find or get close to finding any treasure of OPHIR source.


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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    It is also been noted that when the Knights left France that 18 Galeons left with some of their wealth on board. Some went to Scotland, some went to Spain. Some were unaccounted for and not known where they went. Some speculate Oak Island and other places such as America. Some historians and researchers say that the Knights are still in posession of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.
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    Re: What REALLY happened to the wealth of Knights Templar

    uhhh, well now, this is interesting.
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