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Thread: When a treasure legend becomes a reality.

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    May 2005
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    Hi Kanacki

    well at least in the US we know our tungsten is pure
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    Mar 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    As I have said many times many treasure legends are legends but some do have some truth to them and every now and again what is thought by many a treasure legend turns out to be true. While many think treasure legends are ancient legends? Yet many even in some of our life times treasure legends are born and evolves...and still evolving over time.

    Pablo Escobar *was a notorious Colombian drug lord who died in 1993 at the height of his smuggling days. He supplied about 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the US. Escobar was known as*“The King of Cocaine”, he was the wealthiest criminal in history,*with an estimated net worth of US$30 billion. Obviously due to the nature of his business he was unable to use the banking system, hence he would bury his money underground in different locations in Colombia.*Most of the locations of these money pits went to the grave with Escobar.

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    At the height of its power, Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel was making so much money that they*had to spend $1000 per week purchasing rubber bands*to wrap their stacks of cash. That is insane!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Escobar had over 800 luxury mansions all over Colombia, owned football teams, he gave away billions of dollars to help build hospital’s, schools and rebuild homes for the homeless in Colombia.

    Yet after his death in several countries legends and stories sprang up about hidden money.

    Another treasure legend was born......

    Many are indeed wishful think that through hearsay develop into legends. Some times some stories are true than become more and more blurred in each retelling.

    However treasure hoards do spring up. Such as the money discovered below.

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    a Colombian farmer was reported to have found $600 million of Escobar's money buried in a field near Medellin after digging up the land to start a palm oil plantation.

    The money was wrapped and sealed in plastic bags and placed into water proof plastic bags.

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    Nice find if he got to keep some of it.....Sadly the government it appears took the lot.....

    There is an old saying you can have fame or have money....

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    Mar 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    As you can see my friends in some circumstances that is why it pays to keep ones mouth shut.....

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    Mar 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Escobar himself was shot to death by drug enforcement agents and his own former associates in Colombia in 1993, but his legacy, and fantastic wealth, lives on to this day.

    So much so that Christian de Berdouare, who bought Escobar's former Miami mansion in 2014 for $10million, believes there could be hidden treasure stashed inside the property.

    He said: 'We have put together a team and we have had all kinds of people... with metal detectors, sonar, all kinds of things, in order to determine if there is anything hidden.

    'It could be cash, could be gold, could be jewelry, could be dead bodies -- could be anything.'

    De Berodouare, the CEO of restaurant chain Chicken Kitchen, says he plans to demolish the home and build a bigger property in its place.

    But before doing so, he is being extremely cautious about what could be hidden in the house.
    He is perhaps right to be cautious after Escobar's brother, Roberto, revealed in his 2009 book that the mobster had a habit of literally burying his wealth to keep it hidden from authorities.

    Roberto, the former accountant of the Medellin Cartel which his brother ran, has refused to reveal the exact location of any of these hiding spots.

    His information proved to be well-founded however, as months after his book was published a $8million haul was uncovered in vaults beneath a jungle compound built for Escobar.

    Following Escobar's death, and particularly since the release of Roberto's book, treasure hunters have scoured his old properties and safehouses in search of hidden riches, though few discoveries have been reported.

    Christian de Berdouare did find an old hidden safe in demolished escobar's Miami property.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Did he find anything in it? After seeing what happened to others that have found such things perhaps he smart not to say anything at all?

    Regardless we cannot say its treasure legend that turned into reality because the fact we just do not know. We cannot blame him for not saying anything?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Regardless of if there is some thing inside? Some times a treasure legend is better off for the finder being just a treasure legend.

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