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Thread: spanish gold in salado,tx.

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    Apr 2005

    spanish gold in salado,tx.

    i have heard for many years that back in the 1700's there was said to have been a spanish (mule train) as it was called pass thru what is now present day salado, and for some reason the gold, gold bars,silver bars,etc. was said to have been place in a cave,or cavern somewhere near there to be pick up at a later date.in recent years i heard a few news reports about this fable treasure being looked for but to no avail.i would love to hear from any1 that may have any information on this.

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    Re: spanish gold in salado,tx.

    My stepmother is from Saldo Tx. as well as a great potion of her family.
    As a kid we would take week long trips to Saldo and stay w/ grandparents.
    I think the biggest attraction to the city is it's natural spring fed creek, - many of summers swimming in that cold sucker. Anyways, I was told of this story as well and the only insight that I can give you is that their is a hotel called "The Conquistador Inn", and from what I was told their are caverens underneath the place, and that is where it is said the gold"traesure" is hidden. I do also no that, that are is not open to the public, and has not been for many years.

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    Re: spanish gold in salado,tx.

    You're probably hearing about "the Treasure of the Golden Bull". Legend says that the Spanish enslaved a group of native Americans to work a mine. In addition to the bars of gold smelted and molded at the mine, additional treasure trains from Mexico arrived over the years. Finally the slaves revolted, killed the Spaniards, and hid the mine. Hold on to your hat. They worked for months carrying baskets of rock and dirt to cover the mine eventually erecting a small hillock but leaving one or two hidden entrances. The mine has been visited by various people over the years. Last one I recall is "Les" something who found one of the entrances and saw the gold, taking some for himself. He became very ill (it was thought from bad air in the mine, but could it have been that poison I've read about in other postings?) Given a lie-detector test he passed with flying colors. Of cvourse a storm hit and he could never find the tunnel again (we all know how often that happens!) Anyone from that area can show you the bluff where said treasure is supposedly hidden.
    Personally, after scoping out the area, I'm a non-believer. If the treasure is really there anyone with any mining or engineering experience could recover it in less than a day, or take three or four days and dig it most thoroughly.
    Hope this helps.
    Oh, one more thing. Go to the newspaper office and ask to look at the back issues. The last search was a big deal with an airstrip graded and eventually indictments for fraud.

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    Sep 2005
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    Re: spanish gold in salado,tx.

    Does anybody have any information on the purported location of the bluff/location of the entrance?
    Possibly just a nearby modern road or landmark? I've been looking over some maps and satellite images to try to find likely positions, but I really haven't found much public information regarding the location.

    Any leads would be helpful.

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    Jun 2006
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    Re: spanish gold in salado,tx.

    I grew up in Temple, near Salado, TX. Many of my friends parent's were doctors, and had bought land in the Temple and Salado areas. I don't remember anything of significance about early Spanish history...

    There is a lot of 'fool's gold'/iron pyrite in a lot of the creeks around temple, and in Salado - but I doubt any real treasure.

    Also, there are lots of Native American small scale sites... small caves near Belton Lake show camp evidence... and my friend and I dug up arrowheads and decorative sea-shells; indicative of earlier Indian activity/trade.

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    Feb 2015
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    Do you remember where the caves were on belton lake?

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    Feb 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatkins View Post
    Do you remember where the caves were on belton lake?
    Hello Watkins. Z Xero will not answer your question. He has not posted anything in 6 years. That's the problem with replying to a post that's almost 9 years old!
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    Aug 2014
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    He must have found the gold. heh
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    Oct 2012
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    I was told by Jesse James great grand daughter that Jesse hid some of his loot on the Cow House thats feeds Belton lake

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    Jul 2012
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    Why would a Spanish pack train pass through that area. There was nada to the north. Just an old folktale...
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    Feb 2008
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    Austin is right, that Salado yarn made the rounds of all the "Treasure" rags many years ago.
    If it doesn't make sense it is bogus. To know if it makes sense learn from historical research
    what went on in the area you are looking at. According to magazines Spanish mules trains
    loaded with gold were as thick as fleas all over the US.

    Salado used to have a famous restaurant on a wooden bridge over Salado Creek. I ate there
    in the 1970's. It claimed to have served Gov Houston and other notables.

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    Mar 2015
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    Hello lastleg.

    I tend to agree that most likely no real substance to the story. However like all treasure legends it could mixed version of other events over time through hearsay?

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    Feb 2008
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    Well KANACKI if there was anything to it I am sure earlier hunters would have tracked it down.
    It was one legend I didn't research but there is no doubt many Texas legends stopped there to
    relax and enjoy the amenities.

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    Mar 2015
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    If any one is interested I have a few newspaper clipping of events surrounding this legend.

    I have no deep convictions either way. But perhaps it will shake some thing lose?


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    Mar 2010
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    Please feel free! I have _heard_ about it but never really read up on it - or done any research. But hey - its a possible treasure ... *wink*
    If you choose not to - well, that's ok too!


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