The Lost Adams Diggings
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    Chaser of untethered pinapeds

    May 2005
    Boise, Idaho
    Tesoro Lobo

    The Lost Adams Diggings

    My sincereced apologies, for waking "the sleeping horse". I have read the posts on the old forum, and like many others I still have lots of questions.
    I remember seeing this story first, on TV. reinactment. I had read about it once in the past I'm sure, but then it was only light reading just before bedtime. My Father told me about the tale again, a few weeks ago, but he could not remember the name of the tale. So, after searching the internet for a tale to which I had no name, I went to the local library and got a copy of 'Buried Treasures of the American Southwest' by W.C. Jameson.
    Other than the fact the author includes Arkansas, as part of the southwest, the legends within seem fairly detailed.

    The Adams Diggings is of particular interest, mainly because there are decent clues.
    from what I read on the old posts adams was in the military. but in the version in this book it says he worked for a frieght company. just wondering where that ties in.

    Adams camps near gila bend.
    Adams gets his horses run off, he goes to get the horses back comes back to find his camp ransacked and totalled. he goes to a nearby Pima village, where he works on trading some of his horses to the miners for proovisions, a mexican dressed as an apache shows up, tells adams about the gold filled creek la ti da la ti dee.
    so this mexican apache named 'Gotch Ear' says it's two weeks on horseback to this location, from where they are. 14 days later they camp in an irrigated pumpkin patch and the next morning, to the gold.

    canyon walls, hidden entrance. little door on one side of the canyon. ( you don't suppose someone might at least remember thier right from their left?)
    adams described the canyon as a perfect 'Z' where on horse back you could touch both sides and it went down hill.
    opens up into a valley filled with pine trees and cottonwoods. stream runs through the middle. at the northwestern end, is a waterfall (the water fall is at the northwestern end, they obviously don't enter the canyon from the northwestern end, and they decend to get to the valley. where does the water go? in my experiences that is a good way to make a lake.) beyond the far ridge is mountains 'gotch ear' calls the peloncillos.

    the cabin was built for protection from the weather, according to this tale, winter was coming.
    chief nana pays a visit, calls the place sno ta hay, says not to go above the waterfall.
    men are sent to a fort for supplies Fort Wingate. estimated four days there, four days back.
    arrogant white miner goes above the waterfall, everybody dies. well not everybody.

    many many years later adams sees nana at wingate, asks him if he's been to sno ta hay canyon.
    which obviously didn't rekindle a friendship between those two.
    so, we are left with alot of questions and few answers. I'm diving into this with both feet, and Intend to follow every possible clue. Even if the place has infact been mined out. I want to stand in that valley with my own two feet.
    "Auntie em,
    Hate you, Hate Kansas, taking the dog.
    - Dorothy"

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    Chaser of untethered pinapeds

    May 2005
    Boise, Idaho
    Tesoro Lobo

    Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

    Just wanted to add a side note, If in fact the Guide and Adams memory served properly, and the mountains beyond the far ridge were the peloncillos....
    The peloncillos have an elevation of roughly 6000 feet, being able to see them (them, two peaks of the mountain range) from a valley over a far ridge and remaining in New Mexico to do so leaves you with few options. leaving distance a major factor, and the actual elevation of the valley in question. in order for it to happen, the ridge must be lower in elevation than the mountain range, and the valley below that. using cheap satelitte photo's I have located a "Z" canyon, or about as close to perfect as I would vision them getting twisted around on horseback. but the valley beyond, does not fit into the northwestern end description given. however noting that it was nearing winter, and this puts the time frame in the fall, and the sun was farther south I can see how this 'end' could appear to be in the northwest.
    The only other drawback to this location is it puts the location in Arizona. not by much...
    The mountains of Datil as suggested, are completely unfounded.
    I have a very good idea how to get a good location of where sno ta hay canyon is, but I need to know exactly where Fort Wingate was. = Fort Wingate Army Depot (FWDA) 35?28'4"N 108?32'26"W
    putting fort wingate nearly 200 miles from a location where one could see the peloncillos peaks.
    200 miles; 4 days; enough supplies to last 20 miners through the winter.
    the dissapointing part is, the more I dig, the less I like the possibilities of finding.

    hunting my untethered pinaped...
    "Auntie em,
    Hate you, Hate Kansas, taking the dog.
    - Dorothy"

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    Wild Boulder Bill

    Jan 2005
    Colorado Springs, co
    minelab explorer, whites gtx, tesoro lobo
    7 times

    Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

    Last time I heard w.c. he said they had found the lost diggings it was 200 miles from where people thought close to colorado. He was working on a book co authored with the man who found it.

    Wild Boulder

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    Dec 2004
    7 times

    Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

    These events happened several years, therefore my memory may fail me
    as relating the story, However, It was the year that Jack Purcell was
    navigating the mountains West of Alma, NM. I was directing a fellow
    treasure hunter to a mine with a lot of gold bars. While I was searching
    for the mine, I decided to Track Adams and his bunch. There had been
    an earth quake in the area (so I read) and covered the socalled Adamn's
    diggings. Jack camped (one time) right by what I believe was the covered
    remains of Adam's diggings and very close to the mine we were looking
    for. My friend got sick and that ended our search. I quess both of them
    are still there. Probably, if people keep posting about these diggings, they
    will be in Mississippi (where I live) and I'll just go aout there and dig. These
    treasure tales get more weird with passing time.
    Happy hunting to all
    Al Osborn

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    Capt. Buzzkill

    Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

    ...and they even made a movie about it, way back, based on this story.....check it out....called "McKenna's Gold" starring Gregory Peck....corny by todays standard but the script tried to stay pretty much to the legend.


    CB 8)

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    Nov 2005

    Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

    If your going to look for the adams dig you need to understand how old gotchear got around the country. gotchear was raised by apache indains who took him from a spanish family. My point is he followed old spanish trail markers' you need to make yourself fiamilar with these marks. Good luck; just look!



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