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    Sep 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    NOT ALL MARKS/SIGNS are treasure signs...

    Images are carved in rock. Images convey ideas.

    (Every idea does NOT lead to Treasure)

    Ideas are dated.

    #you get what I'm saying?

    If you didn't get the hash-tag reference...

    Images can be dated to a certain extent.

    Ford T-Model.

    A Ford T-Model image is hard, if not, almost impossible to come by before the said date.

    Without getting carried away with the centricities'...

    A sickle is before the scythe and the scythe is before the cradle, but regardless. These "images" can be somewhat loosely dated.

    I've been dating my site -in many ways-, but has anyone else done this?

    Yes, coins and such date themselves and provide a window of reference. Also knowing the history of the location provides a window of reference.

    BUT recorded history's accuracy is obviously not spot-on.

    DTTH, I've noticed a particular spanish helmet in one of your monuments, which I am certain is DATED.

    Casca, the pick is also a dated tool.

    John Az, your monument...ah, nevermind.

    Old Dog, .

    SS, .



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    Swingy Thingy

    Nov 2010
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I usually try to see who put the marks there. I take the oldest marks and go from there. I usually see at least three dated marks. Crosses are a dead giveaway. The smaller the mark, sometimes is the newer marks also.
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