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Thread: sulfide weed

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    Dec 2004
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    sulfide weed

    In Kenworthy's book he mentions sulfide week, have looked around on google cant find any info, does anyone know which plant he was refering too.
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    Dec 2004
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    Re: sulfide weed

    We have a plant in AZ that's nick name is Trumpet plant, that is plentiful around gold procucing areas. Is this what you might be thinking about??


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    Re: sulfide weed

    i know this might not be the right answer for this topic,
    but i did just read in Time mag of a plant that detects the metal from landmines in Iraq or other parts of the world.
    it changes color from what it said in the article when the presence of whatever landmines are made of./.
    so there are plants that turn colors when metal is present... :P

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    The Comanchero

    Apr 2005
    Kerrville, Texas
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    Re: sulfide weed

    I am not sure exactly what Kenworthy is referrring to. He makes a lot of statements that he should elaborate on more specifically.
    However, I will tell you all this much as fact and more than 40 years in prospecting.? Always observe the vegetation in and around all the areas you are searching.? Look for "strips" or "zones" where most plants and trees are not their normal color, are "stunted" or in any way look different than their natural condition.? Strong minerals, and especially the sulfides will cause aberrations in almost all plant life growing over them.? On real strong zones, almost no plant life will grow.

    You can also use this technique to "prospect" using aerial color photo maps from the USGS and other outfits, as these Zones of mineralization show up very clearly by the same discolorations, stunting, or absence of plants and trees on them.
    Also, and especially good for real rich ore zones of an area you are interested in are the aerial "Thermal" photos take over that area at night, or especially in the very early hours during the cold months.? Most fissures and "pocket" zones of heavy mineralization will show up as redder and hotter than surrounding areas. Thus giving you the exact coordinates to go directly to for sampling, etc.
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