Australia TV Releases Film on Treasure Hunting
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    My dog Jack says, "Keep on digging."

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    Re: Australia TV Releases Film on Treasure Hunting

    Quite a good video and it explains the source of the 3rd century roman coins showing up in the market in the last 10 years.

    But far from the intent of the producer, my sympathy goes to the treasure hunters. "Poverty is no excuse" the well paid director said. That lacks perspective.

    The coins being dug were the property of individuals, when other individuals recover them, the state whines "our heritage is being lost!". Um, no, the Bulgarian Heritage doesn't change, it is still 100% Bulgarian. Private artifacts are merely recovered and sold to private individuals with a loss of their archaeological context. Do these people understand that even archeology is a destructive process?

    Such drivel.

    Again, good video, I encourage others to watch.
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    Re: Australia TV Releases Film on Treasure Hunting

    Texas Meteorite is right. The state is wrong for not offering a reward to treasure hunters like England does. I like the part where they tell how archaeologist Gregov found the most important gold artifact, and then they show it hanging on the wall in his house!

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    Re: Australia TV Releases Film on Treasure Hunting

    England doesn't offer a reward.
    if you find a artifact, you are required to turn it over to the crown, where they decide if it's worth saving.
    if so, they will purchase it from you. if not, they'll return it to you.
    I read, the process could take up to a year

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    Re: Australia TV Releases Film on Treasure Hunting

    If it was a matter of putting food in your kids mouths ,I would do the same thing but it is ashamed that their government will not do more . It seems that they might could employ the men to dig and have people their to oversee. I would be happy to pick up the pieces of broken pottery.
    God and country.



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