Forrest fenns treasure
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    Jun 2012
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    Forrest fenn's treasure

    Has anyone found it yet?

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    Aug 2014
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    No it would be posted on Dals blog if found.

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    Jun 2012
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    Awesome. Means I can still hunt for it.

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    Nov 2017
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    The perfect solve.

    I will reveal the solve over the course of the next week as my time permits. To verify my claim you will need to do Google searches ( exam: Forrest Fenn Ouray ) and you will discover hundreds if not thousands of hints pointing to my solve. These hints are only seen in " hint sight" if you already know the correct solve. When you see these hints you will come to understand that Fenn controls many of the websites about him and uses dozens of alias,s to communicate on the forums and via stories. This will become clear as the solve unfolds.

    1st stanza deals with the final location and will be dealt with at the end.

    2nd :warm waters" is the uncompahgre river ( Ute language for warm water ) it : halts " where it meets the the cold waters of Canyon creek in the town of Ouray Colorado. There is also at one time a steam trail stop there that in its day was known as a halt. "Not far : is 20 miles away and the " home of Brown " will be be the next reveal.

    That the solve comes full circle and ends where it begins, Ouray was a Indian chief and later you will see how this fits. There is a major theme running threw the poem and later I will have more detail when I reveal. Also about the 20 miles, etc.

    Stay tuned because my next post will get you to a short walk from the hiding spot. You will at that time be able to note a very large number of hints and will start to believe.

    On a final note, I went to the hiding spot last Oct 5th. What do you think I found? and who has the "title " ?

    And the piper played on..........

    Ok, here we go

    The "home of Brown " is Castle rock, 2 miles south of Ouray. It was named by a man named Brown. The chest also has a depiction of a castle and we all know that a mans home is his castle.

    The road south is known as the " million dollar hwy " because it was built with what was latter found to be gold bearing ore. So follow the yellow brick road to the castle.

    3rd stanza - : no place for the meek : is Purgatory flats. Just located below the rock. The chest id named " indulgence : and that is also the fee paid to the catholic church to shorten your stay in purgatory. Yellow brick road is from the movie " wizard of oz " and in that movie Dorothy refers to herself as meek. F said that his friends call him the W of oz.

    " The end " and "creek " are Cascade Creek just below the flats. Go to the end of the creek where it meets the Animas river.

    " Heavy loads and water high " are the cables and water flume used to supply the old lumber mill at this location. At the top of the creek is also a lake used to supply water to a electrical generation plant. The name of the lake is " Electra " from the book of days. The book F said was originally kept in the chest. Electra is also the name of a star. Do a FF search on the names of the lakes and creeks in the area and you find dozens of hints. Note that the tourist steam train stops at this location and the " car " F used was a train car

    Next reveal will be the blaze

    F told me that if I gave out my " perfect solve " he would claim that someone else already found the chest. He said the chest would not be found until next July because he was coming out with a new book.Twice he told me that " he would decide who gets the chest "

    The chest was not there when I went Oct 5th 2017.

    FF said that the finder should wait 30 days before coming forward with the news. This is the time needed to change the " title " to the finders name. This allows the finder to legally own the chest and put in a auction to double its base value. Also he has offered 100k to the finder as reward for coming forward. Dont believe me or think I have the wrong location? Do your FF searches and you will start to.

    Here's what you have been waiting for !

    The "blaze " is the Silverstar mine and in particular the quartz vein running DOWN to the camp area. FF said he won this metal.

    " Tarry scant " is a bottle of medicine called " creomulsion " made with tar and used for cough due to colds. The bottle was found about 50' from the bottom of the vein in a overgrown horse corral.

    " Marvel gaze " is Professor Marvel from Oz and a seller of snake oil medicine. Gaze is his crystal ball, the same material as the quartz vein.

    " Take the chest and go in peace " The chest is the cold medicine bottle and go in peace is the "rainbow route " . The old tourist train in use 60 years ago was known by this name. The rainbow is a symbol of peace. W of oz song. " somewhere over the rainbow. "

    " why must I go " is a question, meaning to die and a distraction. The name of the place where the current stream train stops is known as the " wye ". Dont go there. " Leave " and go in the opposite direction.

    " the answers I already know " means that some part of the past locations are repeated. " Tired and weak " means he was sick and in need of medicine. The final location has something to do with a cold medicine.

    " Hear me all and listen good " is the Indian drum, also known as the " heartbeat of the earth ". There is also a old telegraph box at the final location.

    " Worth the cold " is the final location. The Bitter root mine, 2 miles north of Cascade, Bitter root is a native cold medicine. Remember Ouray and the native theme.

    " If you are brave " Like the cowardly lion in the W of oz the main theme of the poem. " In the wood " is the final hiding spot at the location. Its a metal TIN cabinet ( Tin man ) attached to a tree. Long and narrow, it has a red Indian painted on the door. Its large enough to be used as F,s coffin. It has been attached to the tree for so long that the tree has grown around the edges to encompass the cabinet. The cabinet, is like the Tin man and has no heart " listen good ". In the movie the witch said she would put a bee hive into him. On the train ride to the location you will pass an unusual display. A group of hive in the middle of nowhere and advertising no company. Just a sign that saids " find the queen bee ". The Bitter root mine was once known as the "bowen ranch " , there a man named Jack Haley was kidded in a fight. This is the same name as the actor who played the tin man in the movie.

    The Bitter root mine was originally staked by a man named Brown and he build there a house. The tin man can be located just below the house.

    " Title to the gold " is the mining claim that someone has kept up even though mining is not allowed. The house has not been used in more then 20 years. I believe F has an option to change the owners name if he so chooses.

    Stanza 1 - " Alone in there " means F final resting place is someplace that must be entered. " Riches new and old " decribe the location as a mine and the place of his new chest.

    The chase is over and F is not the Wizard of Oz. He is Marvel and a self professed humbug

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    Nov 2011
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    Maybe try some Prozac or something. LOL

    You seem like you have some intelligence about you but your logic is not connected all that well. I mean probably the worst I've seen. But then again, this hunt attracts some neurotic types. At least you don't kow-tow to every word Fenn breathes like many on the other forum you mention that makes me gag. If that ain't a cult, I don't know what is. People willing to die for it. My opinion they cut you off because you had bad things to say about Fenn's character. Jim Jones operated exactly that way. So count your blessings you ain't a member no more. I have to laugh how many of these people are protecting "their" treasure. They own it already. Fact is it's the other way around--it owns them. Word to the wise, don't fall into that trap.

    And people that know me know I don't believe anybody who they are or where they say they are. You could be the devil himself, drumming up business.
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    Love transcends this world we live in to Heaven.
    I'll leave it to you to figure out where the opposite goes.

    If your heart is in it you will find a thousand ways to achieve your goal.
    If your heart is not in it you will find a thousand excuses.

    Ouija Board and map dowsing , one and the same. Just tape a map onto the Ouija Board and you have map dowsing.
    Works great if you like wild goose chases and snipe hunts!

    L-rods are obsolete.

    May you never take one single breath for granted.

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    This forum is for Treasure in the news
    Not for nonsense



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