Most Spectacular Missing valuables in the USA
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Thread: Most Spectacular Missing valuables in the USA

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    Most Spectacular Missing valuables in the USA


    72 photos and short stores on MSN and these are just a few..
    "San Miguel Treasure
    Incredibly, the San Miguel may have stored a whopping $2 billion-worth of valuables. Several of the ships that went down in the tempest have been recovered over the years, including the Urca de Lima and Nuestra Seņora de las Nieves. But, to this day, the San Miguel has never been found."

    "Blackbeard's Treasure
    Historians insist that Blackbeard didn't bury most of his booty, and the relatively modest haul of items salvaged from the Queen Anne's Revenge are his actual treasure, but many fortune hunters beg to differ, and believe the riches are still out there somewhere."

    "Beale Stash
    Unable to decipher the codes, Morriss passed the box to a friend, who managed to decode the second cipher describing the treasure and went on to publish the pamphlet in 1885. Since then, nobody has cracked the two unsolved ciphers and some experts have even argued the whole thing is an elaborate hoax."

    "San Saba Treasure

    The battle may be well known but fewer people have heard about the treasure that is said to have been buried on the grounds of the Alamo. According to the legend, the Texans had amassed piles of gold, silver and other precious objects to fund the revolution. "

    "Mosby's Stolen Civil War Treasure
    Searching the courthouse, Mosby and his men came across a bulging burlap sack full of valuables belonging to Fairfax County's most prominent families. The bag is thought to have contained gold, silver, jewels and other family heirlooms worth $350,000 at the time. "



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