[FOR SALE] Announcing: Selections From the National Prospectors Gazette Volume 1 (New Book)
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    Announcing: Selections From the National Prospector's Gazette Volume 1 (New Book)

    After many months of typing and proofreading, I'm proud to present Volume 1 of Selections From the National Prospector's Gazette series.

    For those not familiar with the project (which would be most, as I've been rather tight lipped about what I was doing), I have taken the opportunity to begin re-releasing material from Karl von Mueller's groundbreaking treasure, metal detecting and prospecting publication: The National Prospector's Gazette (NPG). Published in a 42 issue run from 1969 to 1983, Karl's publication captures the imagination of a generation of readers who looked to Karl for no-nonsense writing and advice.

    My own reading of the NPG demonstrated to me that much of what Karl von Mueller wrote about decades ago still rings true and that his advice still merits consideration today. Much of the information in the NPG is timeless and covers a wide variety of treasure-hunting related topics such as metal detecting, research, prospecting, mining and dowsing. Similarly, modern audiences can still benefit from Karl's musings on being self-sufficient, living off the grid, and preparing for personal and financial upheaval.

    Recognizing that this information was still relevant, I likewise recognized that much of it was lost to modern readers, as the NPG had faded into obscurity. I also wanted to honor Karl by making something he worked so long and hard for, available again to a new generation of readers. After getting permission from Karl's daughter, Lou Ann, and his former publisher, Paul Tainter, I committed myself to republishing much of the available NPG issues in book format in volumes composed of specific column content that ran regularly in the NPG.

    Volume 1 represents Karl's "Exanimo Looks at Books" column where treasure related books were revived, often in considerable depth. Volume 1 represents a fantastic bibliography that entails hundreds of reviews and also book and author information for every book ever advertised or mentioned in the pages of the NPG. Not only does "Exanimo Looks at Books" serve as a fantastic bibliography, it's also a fitting tribute to the NPG and Karl's commitment to sharing information with his readers.

    Three additional volumes are anticipated, with Volume 2 "Ask Exanimo" nearing its final stages with an anticipated publication time of early 2018.

    My hope is that some of you have fond memories of the NPG or even Karl von Mueller himself and that you will enjoy stepping back, walking the nostalgic roads of some of treasure hunting's earliest and most interesting periodicals. If you aren't familiar with the NPG or Karl, Volume 1 is a fantastic introduction and a worthwhile research tool in its own right.

    Presenting: Selections From the National Prospector's Gazette Volume 2: Ask Exanimo!

    Presenting: Selections From the National Prospector's Gazette Volume 1: Exanimo Looks at Books

    Randy Bradford's Buy, Sell and Trade List

    National Prospector's Gazette, Exanimo Express, Gene Ballinger Publications, 8 States Association, National Treasure Hunter's League, Gold Bug, Johnny Pounds "The Treasure Hunter," and so many more...

    Understanding our hobby, by embracing its history...



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