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    A new topic suggestion

    I am going to visit FL soon and I would like feedback on interesting places to visit, museums, galleries, etc. I could not find a related forum on TN so I suggest you start one that would cover all locations subject to user demand. For instance, San Diego has lots of good beaches and I would contribute.

    Anyway, if you were visiting FL, where are the interesting places, in St. Augustine, for instance?


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    Interesting idea, there are some local places that folks forgot about. One is right behind the airport with two caches that I have the newspaper articles for. Of course the state has 143 lost/hidden treasures. Wyoming has at least 96. They are places to go see, regardless if one doesn't hunt for the treasure.

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    Mel Fisher zmuseum and come back and post pics

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    In St. Augustine, I could highly recommend three places.
    1) The Ripley Museum. (WAY better than the one here at WI Dells)
    2) The alligator farm.
    3) The old Fort.
    Went there 22 years ago and have fond memories.
    Hopefully it hasn't changed much.

    Also, be sure to have a credit card for most purchases as they didn't like cash after dark.
    AND be sure to buy gas during the day as well. When we went to Disney from Jax, was real hard to find a gas station open at night on the return to Jax.
    Had to go all the way to Daytona to find any.
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