Is this hobby that obscure in Utah?
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    Is this hobby that obscure in Utah?

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    Plenty of finds this time of year, lots of place to hit and get started. The club members have recently been going out with some minor successes. Had lots of displays at club meeting tonight.

    Purrdee in Utah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa Bear View Post
    Hey Utah. I am out here in NC having a wail of a time. Anyone in Utah finding anythng? Just curious. The crickets from here are deafening......
    I wouldnt say its very obscure. I think its more that people here dont want to talk about what they find. If they do show you, you wont get a very honest answer on the general area they find things. You get answers like "Over there" or "my secret spot." And for the most part, they are not posted up here for too many to see.

    Semper Fi

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    May 2011
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    I am in Salt Lake and have been detecting for about 7 months now, and even though I have tried to meet like minded folks, to enjoy the hobby with, I have still never been out with anyone else besides myself. Seems fmrUSMC_0844 is dead on with his assesment, the way I see it anyway. I am amazed to see how "clicky" and "hush hush" the group of MD'ers is... I had no idea it would be this way. I get it to some degree but I also cant help but think how much more effective you could be with a few people "teaming up" to do research, find good spots, make sure things arent missed at those good spots, etc... Opposed to everyone trying to keep everything secretive as to increase their own chances of finding all the goods. I guess its a good thing that I truly enjoy the solace that comes from detecting alone... for now.

    Good luck everyone.

    P.S. - I am at 12 silvers for the 2012, so even though I need to pick it up, I am happy with that...

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    Nov 2011
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    I need to start going out more when I'm on my days off. I only go buy myself and just getting into the hobby. I'm from ogden would love to go with some people.

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    Jun 2014
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    I know this is an old thread but i used to live in Utah 15 years ago and it was the same back then. When i moved there nobody openly talked about metal detecting or treasure hunting. Luckily there was a guy where i worked that metal dtected and once he got to know me better he invited me out on a hunt. First time out with him he found a tin under a fencepost, contained 2 1/2 oz of small gold nuggets. I found a few tokens, some harness pieces, and some pennies. Great day out!
    After that hunt we went out more often, i got to meet some of his other buddies and eventually gained their trust. I know it might take a while but you will find a local who will give you a break.
    We often went up into the Uintah Mtns, did a lot of hunting for Spanish mines, even found a few, but never the one we were looking for. Those were great times and i learned a lot from those old guys, enough to know a few tips I will pass on to you.
    1. If you go up into the high country carry a map, compass, and a gun. There are some lonely desolate areas and you will have to be careful.

    2. Take twice as much water as you think you will need. Dehydration kills.

    3. If you go up North of Duschene do not go on land owned by Red Rock Corporation. Ever. They are not to be messed with.

    4. Do not metal detect on the Ute Reservation. The Tribal Police are good and take their job seriously, you will not enjoy
    being dealt with.

    5. IMHO Steven Shaffer is a liar and a fraud, his book essentially useless.

    6. Kerry Ross Boren is also a liar and a fraud as well as a convicted murderer. His book on the Sacred Mine is a total fabrication. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

    7. George Thompson knew how to spin a yarn but was a very meticulous historian, his books are well written and reliable.

    8. Have fun )



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