Vanquish 540, Last Couple of Weeks
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Thread: Vanquish 540, Last Couple of Weeks

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    Jan 2017
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    Vanquish 540, Last Couple of Weeks

    I have not been out too much because of the heat and rock hard ground. We got some much needed rain so I got in three hunts with the 540. I am constantly amazed at this detector. It is deep and accurate. My first good find was a shield nickel at a school built in 1952. There are homes from the 1850's bordering this school. This is the second shield nickel and both were found about 50 foot apart. The 540 nailed it perfectly at 8 inches. It truly is a great nickel detector.

    On my second hunt, I was at my favorite park that rarely produces multiple coins. I can usually find one good coin per outing. I was hunting a section that I have been over many times. I got a big signal that read 5 bars deep, but was sort of long and not sharp at all. When I pinpointed, I realized that there were a couple of signals three or four inches apart. I found an early wheatie from over 8 inches and when rechecking, I found another on the opposite side of the plug. Ended up with one more for a total of three. I filled the plug and re swung over it before moving on. About 8 inches away, a faint blip with a high 30's. I checked it in all metal and no grunt(I love the ease of this feature). From 8 inches a 1927 merc.

    On Sunday I went back to site two, but hunted a hill overlooking a ball field. I found another 3 coin wheatie spill that also had a Buffalo nickel. Sort of a bouncing signal, but had that deep sound. I absolutely know for sure that I have been over this spot with several different detectors. I can only guess that the nickel caused those detectors to miss the high tone. At any rate, the 540 has a great ability to isolate multiple targets close together.

    I saved a modified coin program that is what I use 90% of the time. I have read that the different programs have built in qualities such as recovery speed. I have noticed that when using this mode, the deeper signals are many time somewhat clipped-scratchy compared to the jewelry which produces a longer, smoother signal. You also seem to get better results in jewelry mode with a slower sweep speed. The engineers seemed to get it right and pretty much made the 540 a "turn and go" detector. Not a whole lot of adjustments or fiddling around.

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    I like jewelry mode for depth! Great machine.



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