Press inquiry for any Vermont treasure hunters
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    Mar 2014
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    Press inquiry for any Vermont treasure hunters

    My name is Ethan de Seife, and I'm a reporter with SEVEN DAYS, a weekly newspaper in Burlington, Vermont.

    I'm writing because our annual "money" issue will come out soon, and I'd like to write a story about treasure hunters in Vermont. So I've registered here to solicit contributions directly.

    I'm writing to ask if there are any Vermont-based treasure hunters out there who'd be willing to meet with me, maybe take me on a search with you, and generally talk to me about supplementing your income by seeking out valuable objects. The focus of the article would largely be economic (again, this is for the upcoming "money" issue), but I would certainly like to hear some stories from experienced hunters, and to learn more about the activity in general.

    To clarify: I believe that my paper's readership would be interested in knowing about how dedicated people can supplement their income via a passion or hobby. My hobbies, for instance, include reading and listening to records, but neither of those has the potential to swell my bank account; this is true of skiers and line-dancers and model-train enthusiasts, etc. Treasure hunters, I figured, can turn the thrill of the hunt into a little money, if they so desire.

    I'd be really grateful to speak to any local treasure hunters (any specialty at all) who could clear up any misconceptions I have. Basically, I just want to learn more about this hobby, and to see if indeed there is an economic angle that I might take in reporting on it.

    I'd be very happy to hear from anyone located anywhere in Vermont - my newspaper has a statewide readership, though most of its readers are north of Route 4.

    If you'd like to contact me, I'd prefer if you'd email me at, or you can leave me a message here, via the forum.

    Ethan de Seife
    Seven Days



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