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    Re: Haunted by this site.

    I had heard that snakes are good eating, and they are free food.

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    Jul 2011
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    Re: Haunted by this site.

    Rattle snake is good eatin' taste like chicken !!! Can save your neck when out in the desert. rwd mo

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    Oct 2011
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    Re: Haunted by this site.

    Quote Originally Posted by gollum
    Just keep one thing in mind about Harvey Snow:

    He was murdered, as was his 14 year old daughter. His son posts here occasionally (ROGER). He used to tell the story about how his father was called one evening and told the exact locations of his wife, daughter, and son. He said they were threatened if he didn't leave the Victorio Peak thing alone. He didn't, and his 14 year old daughter was shot in the head. The killer was never found.

    Roger is kind of out there, but he can tell you the story.

    I didn't know Harvey Snow, but I know someone who did. Dr. Lambert Dolphin introduced me to a guy named Dr. Oren Swearingen from Texas. He says that Snow didn't even have the correct mountain in his tunnel story.
    Well, lets straighten out the facts folks

    First, Mike is right to say i am out there,, Crazy in fact,,,, CRAZY LIKE A FOX THAT IS.

    Now, on the threats,

    Dad ( Harvey Snow) answered the phone one night during the goldfinder#1 operation by that old Hag Ova,, ( this the one in 1972,, NOT the one of 1977 that Dave chandler wrote in 100 tons,, and like Dr. Oren Swearingen,, Dave Chandler was all up inside my Dads a$$ prying for information,, right as my Father was busy placing his daughter Leda in the ground,, if these pricks without the least civility had pulled that sh_t on my ass, i'd of slammed their eyes through the back of their moronic skulls)
    the male voice stated exact co-ords where my little brothers ship was at that moment, he was in the Navy and out to Sea at the time ( Government agent ?) yes indeed, not even Admirals have that info on a ship that is not theirown.

    The Voice on the phone went on to give exact locations of each and every one of Dads kids,
    all five that he raised at home
    and the three from his first Marraige which he was devorced from ( My Mother my two sisters and myself)

    He was told to stay off the Base and out of the mountains all over the base, or he would be buying more Coffins for his Kids ( he had just buried his murdered Daughter Eleda, who was NOT shot in the head but the chest by Government agents who broke into the house seeking any EVIDENCE OF TREASURE ON THE BASE,, photographic or otherwise)

    The call began :
    Dad: Hello
    voice: Harvey, do you remember a purchase you made last October?

    Dad: What, excuse me, remember what?
    Voice: Harvey, last Oct. you purchased a Coffin,,, pay attention to me Harvey or you'll be buying more of them,
    The Voice then went on to give locations of the Kids of Harvey.

    Now, given the fact that this is the SH_T my father was forced to live with, and every freak from Authors writting books to dreamers and Dentist and even folks from as far away as Germany, constantly bothering him without the least sensitivities towards the man,, One rational thought i have to throw down here is: If you act like a spoiled self focused idiotic child with self andgrandizement as your motives for your actions in life,, then,, If you are mislead, and only that,,, well Biscuit Breath, you got off easy,, NOW SHUT THE FU_K UP CLOWN, and go bite a Rock.

    i am dead seriuouly sick and tired of MORONIC Imbeciles who question my sanity.

    You fuc_kin;' piece of Neathandric skull fu_k, go lie with the rest of the dogs, raise your leg and lick your short Di_k ,

    and stay the hell out of Soledad Canyon ass wipe
    you are being monitored and rightly so.
    i am serious
    they are watching you. think not?

    well Bud,,, so did i at first
    and the De-Fibulator they taped to my head to tortured me with, was a wake up call that erased all doubt of what they'll do to keep ass wipes out of treasure on that base.
    get it now clown?

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    Oct 2011
    6 times

    Re: Haunted by this site.

    The above is a taste of what it is about to have KNOWLEDGE OF TREASURE .


    My Father was monitored by a Corrupt Pirate Government.
    you damned right he is gonna tell tall tales to people who inquire about treasure, and RIGHTLY SO DAMMIT! FIGURE OUT.

    I, before and after finding a treasure south of the peak, have removed Government spy equipment
    from my home and vehicles. TRY LIVING UNDER THAT SH_T,,,, YOU'D BREAK LIKE CHEAP CRYSTAL,

    I have been tracked
    Kidnaped and tortured ( which i exscaped the agents, made it to the Federal Courthouse in downtown
    LATER, AS TGHE NEWS LEAKED THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS TORTURING PRISONERS AT AL GARRIBE AND QUATOMINO,,, you sat and watched then watched reality shows and went to bed.

    Today and as always
    when i am bothered by people from this forum, or from any walk of life
    I will obsfucate, lie, dance crazy sideways acts
    throw people curves
    or, being irritated by their stupidity, will verbally lambast them into a nub.

    Myself and Dads family have been through far too much bull s_it , tons of which none of you need to know about.

    I live a life of Solitude upon my Sailboat with my Dog, i have no need for anyone, i am independent
    free as no-one i ever met,, and i am CRAZY ,, simply because the Brainwashing and conditioning
    by your corrupt Government that you people succumbed to from your first day in kindergarten,,

    never stuck with me.
    Your AUTHORITIES, such as your skank CHURCHES, Governments and so-called CULTURAL NORMS,
    HAVE YOU ALL brainwashed into a small mental box to an extant that your reality is nothing more then proggramned bullsh-t.

    1. everybody involved with the peak is DEAD.
    let them remain that way and move on in life, you have a now and a future to concern yourselves with,, neither of which is at that Peak. but,, do not bother to occupy WALLSTREET,,
    you are about 230 years too late,

    2. Your Nation was founded by Piracy
    Western European lineal thought consciousness invaded and murdered off the indigenous here
    and then rented it out to "YOU".
    That being the known fact, why would you think your government is not still a PIRATE?

    Pretty presumptious of you to think otherwise,, is it not? no? well then, your either too lazy to care,, or what they've done to your mind has worked, and your as crazy as they desired you to become.

    is not your Government involved in invading, terrorizing and murdering off the leaders of other OIL nations at this epoch in time?

    Do you agree with that policy?
    if so, then you are definely CRAZY and deserve what they feed you.

    get it?

    Your entire thought processes are INSANE.

    You stood with hand over chest and pledged aliegeance to the " oh say can you see"
    while you were told your country was the land of the free and home of the brave
    while your pentagon planned the invasion of other nations like Viet Nam.

    You beat the sh-t out of Nazi's for doing exactly what your ancestors did to indians,,,
    then they came home and became worse then the Nazi's they just killed off,,,by passing restrictive laws.

    try to leave the country right now
    go ahead, see if your papers are all in order.

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    Feb 2008
    Apache Junction, AZ
    MXT 300 / Javelina Gold Trommel
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Haunted by this site.

    treasminder2 .....
    ...The one with the most gold makes all the rules...

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    Oct 2011
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    Re: Haunted by this site.

    as these post of mine sway the topic and digress the thread unto my rants

    i'll kick this in as well,,,

    as stated above the U.S. has been very active in invading Oil rich nations,,, murdering off their leaders, over throwing the Governments and OCCUPYING THOSE COUNTRY'S.

    Meanwhile and as always
    The U.S citizen has done SH_T like this::::
    They have gone to their New Age Seminar's to be Spiritually Healed,,, then came home to check
    their stocks in Corporation that make the Toys of war,, afterward they turn on the news to watch Videos of Bombs they make their money on,, being dropped on weaker Oil Rich countrys.

    Bombs that have hit School yards,,,, KILLING CHILDREN!

    The U.S. Citizen writes out a charity check to feed CHILDREN in WEAKER Nations.

    all the while they are sucking on their $5 Latte' ,,, driving their covertable BMW to the Mall to buy
    clothing made in a Child sweat Shop in Malaysia.


    Just exactly as Hitler and his chronies acted,,, and the U.S. populace ignores what their Hitlers are up to,,,, Just as the Germans Ignored Hitlers Atrocities.

    and you are CONVINCED YOU ARE SANE??


    I just read today that Isreal is preparing an assualt on Iran and looking for condolences,,
    calling Irans Governing Body a ROGUE REGIME!!!!!!!

    Why is it a Rogue?
    anybody know?

    seems everytime i do a rap,,, something like this comes up and Validates my statements for me.


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    Sep 2007
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

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    Sep 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Connecticut Sam View Post
    this topic is decades old, not too many updates.


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