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    Re: Victorio Peak possibly connected to Tesoro Del Alma?

    I see Tesoro Del Alma made the March issue of LT Magazine.

    nice story & Pics

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    Re: Victorio Peak possibly connected to Tesoro Del Alma?

    I suspect the ones who could read the trails were put to death.

    I also believe the resources to remove such treasures without drawing attention be too much risk.

    Last, if the Jesuits actually destroyed the waybills, one would have a very hard time locating mines.

    While I seem to have no problem finding old sites. I too wonder why no looks?
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    I would like to go explore the Organs for the treasure, but isn't it on part of the missile range now? Is the military excavating the site? I hiked out there one time, but didn't feel right going past the warning signs and Dorcey Peak was too far in. I turned around. Anyway, aren't the military watching that area closely and wouldn't it take some heavy machinery to dig out the treasure from the cave?

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    Response to #3... NO..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casca View Post
    You took a whole lot of info and crunched it. One of the first things I realized was Pedro was lost, confused, or actually telling the truth in a devious way. In plain sight comes to mind here.

    I believe Pedro was protecting something even with certain death looking at him.

    I think Doc Noss knew something too. Along with the gold bars at Victorio Peak was other things not Spanish in nature.

    Its very likely Victorio Peak was discovered, and used a cache point by more than one person. Did Doc put it there, or someone else? Where was docs Real find if it was a con job?

    Along those lines, why just one place to hide gold? The Organs is a big place and so is Caballo.

    Ever see the add, lost Garmin somewhere between Baylors Pass and the East Trail Head. If you find it you can keep it? Now we are talking about a mine and smelting area, most likely terraformed into the side of a mountain, roughly 8 foot by 20 feet. There is a pond and three peaks. You can see the Valley below and have a several hour warning if anyone should approach. Your camp is made defendable by its location should it be found out or well known. You can see a pond that is not visible when your standing next to it. (please dont ask me to explain). Your camp has been placed out of view from the trail.

    Now lets picture Pedro, tortured, beaten, starved, stripped naked, and tied to a post about to be burned alive. His education will dictate what he knows. How much would a slave be required to know to serve his purpose? I do not believe one minute the Indians or peoples who came here to live were treated even close to a equal. Yea, three peaks and a pond works for me.

    Artifact: a handmade object, as a tool, or the remains of one, as a shard of pottery, characteristic of an earlier time or cultural stage, especially such an object found at an archaeological excavation.

    How to hide your Spanish Mine:

    Cibola is a totally different topic and definitely not Victorio Peak or Tesoro Del Alma. Not that the Organs may have at one time had caverns.

    Cibola would be a site based on belief.
    A large head

    Another large head.

    Not one mixed with Surveyor and Spanish symbolism.

    But a heart just might.

    Cibola may very well be a city under ground or a large cave. I think we look at it literally. But it most likely is just a place of worship, and full of gold and silver lol.
    how deep is that drill hole in front of the triangle?


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