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Thread: What are the current theories?

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    Oct 2011
    12 times
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	brass bars.jpg 
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    see the bars ?

    heh heh

    want to bet I can make a case that those Bars are not what they have been reported to be ?

    1. The bars have Relief Strikemarks
    Bad JU JU
    all strike marks were STAMPED
    not a relief in the molds

    2. Buried for a couple hundred years and running 13% copper

    and the soil they were under only 2 feet deep

    where is the Tarnish
    and where is the green copper tarnish

    3. The Layout of the grid said to be where these were recovered is a bit too convoluted to be done
    in a hurry

    and if the depositors were not under attack
    then no hurry

    and if there weas no hurry

    I can assure you of a known fact about the Spanish

    they NEVER buried any Gold in only 2 feet of earth

    if they took the time to lay out the grid

    they would have taken the time to dig several very deep deposits

    and set several death traps to protect them

    Two foot of soil left the possibility that wild animals traversing the deposits wouyld have caused erosion and thus the bars


    Watch Coyotes after you bury something in the wild

    they scent fresh turned earth from miles away

    they will indeed dig into it to seek prey

    Gotta contend that some old dudes made up a Hoax to sell Magazines

    Hard to fool the experts with that one kiddies

    Critical Thinking is a Process

    and this Hippies Critical Thinking Process has Processed this story as BS
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    Sep 2007
    46 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I have notice that thee bars are nice and clean. I think that is odd.

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    Dec 2012
    1 times
    Wow. I would never have noticed that, never the less come up with my own conclusion that was backed up with facts.

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    Nov 2004
    1427 times
    hi Treasminder2 : coffee?? , no comments, em me if you wish some, or I can post some if you wish. You are misleading some hunters.

    Don Jose de La Mancha
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    "I exist to live, not live to exist"

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    Sep 2011
    oahu hawaii
    Whites 2-box
    31 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    You should listen to real,unless you have located bars.IFf I remember the bars had ruff chiseled markings..

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    May 2008
    Brighton, Colorado
    Whites 808, Eagle Spectrum, Cibola & more
    2 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Tony Jolly helped Doc hid some caches and came back and recovered 10 bars. Tony sat on the bars in California for a year before getting help to dispose of them. Jolly made four trips back to NM before he found the 10 bar stash. After that wait to dispose of the gold he and some others that helped him returned and got another 10 bars. Not many people know that. Jolly is long dead and if he was alive he would be able to find the rest. The treasure was and is real but long stolen by the criminals in office.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	970275_10151579300613282_1542629873_n.jpg 
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    Mar 2013
    195 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    tony jolly could never prove what you just claimed, do you have proof of this. please post it .np
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    Mar 2013
    195 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    REAL, I agree 100% with what you just posted,

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    Mar 2013
    195 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Treasureminder2, I have read a lot of your post, do you really think that the govt did all the things you claim. I knew a lot of the people personally that you have mentioned, and I would think that if you knew them just as well as you claim, what makes you think they wouldn't be behind some of the things you claimed happened to you .np
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