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Thread: DOC NOSS-Victorio Peak OR The Caballo Mountains

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    Nov 2004
    11822 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    of course that is one opinion rog, there are others just as valid., however what can you add to disqualify that opinon

    Lost Tribes is an overworked myth .
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    Jan 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by treasminder2 View Post
    It's not close to the Caballos because that Map is not of the Caballos

    the map is of the Organ Mountains and the Almacen on the East side below the ridge with the Heart shaped
    Rock Outcropping , is or actually , better to state " was " in Indian Hollow , up the slope on the right , in a Cave
    that had Two Rooms in it , carved out by hand .

    The Empty cave is still there , the Bones of the Battle between two opposing Spanish groups are still found
    in the area , Large Caliber Lead Balls from 1600's Wheel lock muskets , are still embedded in a few Trees
    at the Site , The Indians watched the Battle between the Spaniards ,, The descended on the remaining Faction and
    wiped them out .

    Imagine that , Two Groups of Spanish Conquistadors ,,, fighting over a Treasure ,, oh it would never happen ,,,
    Right ?
    at any rate , 2715 is not the Almacen , it's the location of Padre La Rues Gold/Silver Mine , not his only mine
    but the richest in Gold .

    Prior to La Rue , Jorges Rascione , my Ancestor as well , from France , not Spain , was the Original Owner .

    Who emptied the Almacen will be the next Question that I'll be asked ,,, well ,, who deleted 30,000 Clinton emails ?
    LOL ,,
    Thats a very interesting last name to me,(Rascione).One of the areas i hunt in, has the name Rascione canyon. if you go up out of that canyon over on the other side of the mountain. I photo a large shadow of two riders on one horse. There is a giant size death trap set there,with one heck of a grand trigger set up that would put Smith and Wesson trigger to shame. From google earth i have also seen what looks like a hooked X. One of the things that i have seen at this site that i haven't seen any where else, is the use of what appears to me,to be the use of black stone eye catchers instead of all the white ones i have found.I havent gone up to it yet,because iam working on some other things,but i want to hike up to it and see what else i could find. I like to think of it as a Templar's H.Q. for that area. So that was very interesting to me, to see you mention that name TM2. Thanks again for the info. and photos TM2

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    May 2006
    southern utah
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    The Rog wrote
    Hi Kanabite ( Bob ) I am fine, even though I am still dying
    I must say without dwelling on this too much ,that I am glad
    You are still with us Ami go .this place has been a
    A little stagnant without you.lmao

    Seriously though I'm glad your still around , I have been wondering how you were doimg for quite a while ! There is no need to get in to this out of respect for you but when the day comes and your next journey begins I'm gonna miss you man ! Thank you for everything over the years!!!!!
    \\\ Bob.

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    May 2006
    southern utah
    wander aimlessly in circles with camera in hand
    345 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryano View Post

    I vaguely recall a theory that Aztec mythology was influenced by Phoenicians via ancient trade. Are you suggesting ancient Eqyptians or Africans were in this area -or- are you confirming the Aztecs (or whichever Native American culture) really were influenced by culture on another continent ? Either way the time periods these cultures thrived don't match up (Phoenician era predates Aztec by millennia), right ??

    If I got this all wrong, please enlighten me. I'm not anywhere near the SW U.S. (Wish I was, 'cause I'd be out looking for what you've posted here :-)

    Have you ever compared the Aztec new fire ceremony that happened every 52 years to the Celtic traditions having to do with flame? Although you say you are not from around these parts maybe a Google search for the southeast side of an Anasazi c house where all the broken pots still lie upon their trash pile . Lots of curiosity's still left in the hills ,maybe a clue or two . Who knows?

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    May 2006
    southern utah
    wander aimlessly in circles with camera in hand
    345 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    And the key word here is myth.sorry I am not convinced about RDT ' s origins theory .
    The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes | Beit Hatfutsot
    Too many folks trying to nail down the "lost tribes" .
    Heck I have a whole state of "believer's" but none of them wish to accept the possibility that this land may have already had inhabitants before someone walked across some ."land bridge "

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    Nov 2004
    11822 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Kanabite, it does sound logical no ?? It explains many thing not explainable today.where do you find fault ? Am a bit curious. Join Rog and I?? anyone else ?

    p.s. alsways question everything,within reason.
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    Jul 2011
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    Hello TM2, Could you inform me if the "Bones of the Battle" area is anywhere near Aguirre Springs area of the Organs? By the way, Thank you also for the Info you have posted recently, Its really great to hear about all this history from folks who seem to have researched it a lot more than some other "experts" I have encountered here so far.

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    Oct 2012
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Are you searching for this bunny/heart ? Because is not in the Organ Mt

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bunny.jpg 
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ID:	1342272 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	heart.jpg 
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Size:	54.4 KB 
ID:	1342273.

    If your true to your heart, you will never go wrong. The truth is the truth, no matter how you look at it, and in every treasure story and legend there is a grain of truth. It's up to your spirit and heart to know the difference. NP

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    Jan 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by treasminder2 View Post
    That out of the way
    Next is a Vault secreted in Johnson Canyon of the Organ Mountains
    Last I checked it , in 2005 , it was secure , since then , it may have been recovered .

    Using Sat , I don't as yet see a new Road graded to it , No doubt that will change

    BTW , anything can be Vulnerable in Tech wise , Phones , line lines , servers , everything , even your
    Watch .

    NASA Satellites are as Vulnerable as your email .

    so I'll have to check the Canyon to actually be sure , but as of right now , I think the Vault
    is still secure .
    be back late tonight with results .
    Tm2, can you,or will you offer any tips to help protect ones self from the all seeing eye? Any web sites for info.?
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    Nov 2010
    SouthWestern USA
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Ok can I ask what is the significance of the nun, as she is in many places not just here? Is the nun related only to La Rue? That would be very interesting to me, and a reason to go back out. Maybe I am confusing another sign with your nun. But monk, bear or what ever I am seeing the same u=nun and not sure why they are oriented in the way they are. I also have other monuments along the trail that repeat in size and orientation. Now I ask to follow the trail. You have done too good a job showing folks where the holes are lol.

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    Sep 2014
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    The facts behind the factoids
    The Kneeling Nun, Santa Rita NM

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kneeling Nun.jpg 
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Size:	76.2 KB 
ID:	1342758

    Legend of the Kneeling Nun
    (Walter Foote Sellers)

    This the tale as they tell it: how in Days of old,
    Came the explorer and the Soldier, seeking the glitter of gold;
    Robbing and burning and killing, all in the name of the King;
    Eyes a-gleam for the honors, men to the conqueror bring.

    After them came the Fathers, close on the steps they trod,
    Holding a lot the sign of the faith, chanting the glory of God,
    Gentle were they, and tender, healing the wounds of pain,
    Left by the sword and firebrand of the pitiless hand of Spain.

    This the tale as they tell it; how by the Aztec trail
    They builded an Indian Mission, The Knights of the Holy Grail,
    Here in the desert they labored, teaching the truth and the Light.
    Showing the ways of another race to the savage sons of Knight.

    Fairest of all the workers was the Sister Teresa, the Nun,
    Teaching the Indian children, quickly their hearts she won,
    Soon through the desert country, where’er spread the Mission’s fame,
    Even the gurgling infants were trying to lisp her name.

    This is the Tale as they Tell it; how Diago the Soldier came,
    Staggering into the courtyard, weary and sore and lame,
    Leagues had he crawled through the desert, seeking a kindly hand:
    The last of all his comrades, dead in the new-found land,

    Then through the long days of sickness, quietly there by his bed,
    Watched the Sister Teresa, cooling his fevered head,
    And while he raved of his tortures, there through the length of the night,
    Faithful, kindly and patient, she watched for the coming of light.

    This the tale as they tell it; how Diago’s eyes grew clear,
    And gleamed anew with a shining light, when the Sister nurse was near,
    Hours would they talk together; he with his stories of strife,
    Strange to her quiet seclusion these tales of Struggles of Life.

    So did their hearts grow stronger, till ever she bore in her mind,
    The name of Diago the Soldier, and love to her vows were blind;
    Till at last in his arms they found her, eyes like stars above,
    Shining into the depths of her lover’s, breathing the Life of Love.

    This is the tale as they tell it; how on that fatal day,
    Stripped of her garb of her Order, they turned the Sister away;
    Forth to the desert she wandered and builded an altar of stone,
    There she knelt in her suffering, at last, with her God alone.

    Then came the storm and the darkness, madly the thunder crashed,
    Loud rolled the earth in its anger, cruel the lightning crashed,
    And oft through the night to the Mission was born her piteous cry;
    “Oh Madre de Dios; Thy mercy on such as I!”

    This the tale as they tell it; how with the coming of light
    There where had been an altar, a mountain had grown in the night,
    While before it was kneeling, so saw the Mission flock,
    The Sister Teresa of yesterday turned to eternal rock.

    So in the desert country, through all the length of days,
    Kneeling before her altar, for the erring souls she prays,
    And oft when the storm is raging, they hear her piteous cry;
    “Oh Madre de Dios! Thy mercy on such as I!”

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nun.jpg 
Views:	59 
Size:	19.1 KB 
ID:	1342759
    "Well, yeah, that's just, like, your opinion, man."
    Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, 1998

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    May 2012
    mid Michigan
    1087 times
    Quote Originally Posted by treasminder2 View Post
    The " U " marks one treasuer
    the Nun is another Treasure east of that one .
    hope that cleared up my meaning
    So many treasures, so little time. Going to be a fun couple of years.
    look out govt boys, the rat is all over it.
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    May 2012
    mid Michigan
    1087 times
    Quote Originally Posted by treasminder2 View Post
    Attachment 1342766So , one day , hot as Dragon Snot , on my way to Johnson Canyon , I came across this Car sitting
    in the desert ,
    I had to wonder , how'd this Car might have drove to this spot .
    For there was not a Road to this spot .

    it was just there , like a Helicopter set it there .

    no way it could drive there , the rocks around it would stop it dead .

    but there it sat , was it the heat getting to me

    Nope , My Dad said there was a Car out there , so , I'd heard about it , but didn't know where it
    was exactly .

    check out the pic
    do you see a road to it , ( center red circle )
    well, i can see the pontiac plain as day on my google earth. there it sits.
    however, there is a road only .42 miles to the south west.
    now, my kids could have driven almost any car that .42 miles before destroying it (been there done that).
    probly crossing that wash, just behind the car, the car geing headed in a ne direction, did it in.

    makes me think back to a time when my 87 ford bronco, driven by my 3 sons (all under 14 at the time), met a fate similar with no roads anywhere near it.
    we recovered it however. and it went on for many years.
    If i still had it, i could probly drive it to your dads vault.


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    May 2012
    mid Michigan
    1087 times
    Quote Originally Posted by treasminder2 View Post
    all those little black dots around it are stones , table top high stones .
    fun obstacles to slide around
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    Jun 2004
    18 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I made a posting about this in another forum on this site. If you find the claim named "Morning Star" (could of changed to another name by now) which is close to the towers let me know. I found a small cave up there where Willy D. (who lived in San Diego for years and passed) would camp. Can still see the black soot markings from the fire on the cave walls. Not far from there, Willy D work shoes were found by a friend of mine and I have a pic of them somewhere in my boxes. Willys feet were 5-1/2 which were extremely small for a man. Also, found the tree stump Willy used to haul the bars up the cliff with rope which was cut off and had a block and tackle hooked to it. Found shovels buried in a crevice, looked old but not sure. Found a flat rock which looked out of place and upon sliding the rock over, found an man made blasted hole close to the cliff wall. I think someone years ago was trying to find Willys original entrance to the mountain tunnels.
    Found an old Spanish mine in one of the canyons with an "X" above the entrance. Had a rounded shape at the top then dropped down 3 feet and went horizontal from there, no idea where it went, didn't want to poke my head in there, as I was by myself. Found an ole rock pointer pointing to the mine entrance. Funny thing of it is, there were literally no tailings to be seen anywhere if it was a mine. Anyone interested in PMing me, feel free to do so. Have other details about Noahs ark etc and an entrance near there that is extremely hard to get into. A short ways in are stalagtite and stalagmite formations but cant go past them as it is extremely unstable in there.



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