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View Poll Results: How long have you been metal detecting?

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  • More than twenty years

    157 26.25%
  • More than ten years

    77 12.88%
  • More than five years

    56 9.36%
  • Less than five years

    41 6.86%
  • Less than three years

    42 7.02%
  • Less than two years

    53 8.86%
  • Less than one year

    162 27.09%
  • I have never detected

    10 1.67%
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    Charter Member
    Jun 2004
    Hurlock, Maryland
    XP Deus, Excalibur II, Tesoro Tejon
    59 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: How long detecting?

    Dudes, Haven't you seen that Whites ad , it really pulls. My own story is a sad one. My first detector was bought in 1983, A Whites. Used it about a dozen times. Found one coin and gave up. No one to help you out, No forums on the web, I gave up. Got another Whites detector, after seeing the ad, and started in again with a club. That made the difference. I am now hooked. When I think about the time I wasted 21 years and all the finds not made I get a little sad. Then I look at hat I have found in 1 year and get my grin back.
    Keep detecting, Keep finding, Keep digging!

    Ed Donovan

  2. #47

    Jan 2005

    Re: How long detecting?

    Since Christmas! Thanks Dad!

  3. #48

    Re: How long detecting?

    i will never leave it from this work is seems pretty interresting and worth it more

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    Dave the - 219erman -

    Apr 2005
    E-Trac w/Pro Coil,and 6x8" S.E.F,The Relic & Gold hunters DREAM...a Troy X-3 w/3 coils
    3 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: How long detecting?

    YUP ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,over 10 years now.......Started with a Garrett ACE,,,,,,graduated to Master HunterCX III, have and still use a Fisher 1212 for back-up......Will start detecting with a buddy this year........Will be nice going with another T.H...........Gonna be a little competition too I guess,,,,,,,,,,, cause he's gotta Whites.......hehehe
    Attached Images Attached Images  

    [size=30pt] Now I Will Hit That 2012 Silver  [/size]

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    Feb 2005
    West Michigan
    A stick with a box at one end and a round thing on the other.
    507 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)

    Re: How long detecting?

    Over 20,

    didn't see this in time to vote.



  6. #51
    A swingin' fool

    May 2005
    Hudson Falls, NY
    White's Spectrum XLT---Tinytec Ultraluxe probe
    6 times

    Re: How long detecting?

    Started in 97' after reading a Garrett Beach hunting book, I was hooked by just reading the book......

    GL & HH,

    Upstate NY
    [size=16pt]The most fantastic time to be alive is right now[/size]

  7. #52

    Sep 2005
    Clarence, NY

    Re: How long detecting?

    3 years...got a BH Tracker IV for my birthday and that's what got me into it.
    Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

  8. #53

    Jan 2006
    6 times

    Re: How long detecting?

    I hunt since 1998
    ___ / **** \=======#
    /;|* Т-34 ****:\

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    Nov 2004
    2 times

    Re: How long detecting?

    since 1965

  10. #55

    Mar 2006

    Re: How long detecting?

    Since '74 when I got a Jetco Treasure Hawk for Christmas. I've owned many machines since of course, some better than others, but still kind of miss that Jetco!

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
    **Tesoro Tiger Shark** Tesoro Silver Umax** Minelab Sov Gt w/WOT coil** Whites 6000Di Pro SL**
    350 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)

    Re: How long detecting?

    Comin' up on 6 years. Great hobby. I love it.
    Time is nothing, timing is everything.

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    Jan 2006
    Chesapeake Virginia
    (XLT-x 2 ) )(BH Sharp Shooter 2) (Coinmaster 4000/D series2)(Coinmaster 2/DB series 2)(Discovery 2)(Discovery 1000)

    Re: How long detecting?

    New to the forum but not new to detecting. Started in 1980 in NJ and then on to Florida and then here. I decided I wanted to join a club and was looking on line for a local club and ran across this forum.
    Sometimes you just have to ask W.W.F.G.D ?

  13. #58

    Jul 2006
    13 times
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: How long detecting?

    Perty new

  14. #59

    Mar 2006
    eastern KY.
    7 times

    Re: How long detecting?

    I started beachcombing on the treasure coast of Fl. in 1954 but didn't get a detector until around 1962. It is a Compass still have it hanging on the wall. I have replaced it many times over & wish I had my new ones way back then. Wonder what I missed.

  15. #60

    Mar 2007
    Southern Md.
    Tesoros - Stingray 2 / Whites Eagle 2 SL90 / Whites Clacic 3 / Whites 2db

    Re: How long detecting?

    I have detecting sense 1979. I started with a Whites 2db. I still have the machine i started with an it still works. I have made many updates with newer an different machines seance then.
    Treasure is a way of life.
    { Gold Dog }


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