New to dirt fishing, looking for a prospecting partner for a Liberty trip
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    New to dirt fishing, looking for a prospecting partner for a Liberty trip

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum as well as to the lifestyle of being a treasure hunter of many sorts and now interested in doing some prospecting practice with my metal detector out in Liberty, WA. I'm joining NAMA this weekend and they have two claims out there that are newly purchased, so I will have permission to go on those lands at least. If you know others or have permission to other land, I would not be opposed to going there instead. I'd love to go with someone who has been out that way before or who has done gold prospecting before so that I could learn the ropes.

    A little about me, so you can decide if I'd be a good travel partner for you. I am 31 years old guy who is very happily married and has a 7 year old daughter. I like to learn anything about history, find and read great books, hear and remember stories as well as good ol' fashioned adventure/treasure hunting. I traveled a fair bit in my 20's and always enjoyed meeting people, hearing their stories and experiencing being a part of their life for a time. I've stayed on many farms and learned many crafts and tried my hand at quite a few trades. I don't mind ruggedness or dirt, although I'm a real weenie about cold.

    I am in pretty good overall health except that I am recovering from a serious autoimmune disorder which left me malnourished and in pain for many years. Fortunately, my family is super supportive of me and I have been getting healthier over the last few months. Going out metal detecting for gold is my way of encouraging myself to be active and adventurous again! I do want to be fair by warning travel partners that I have been using cannabis medicinally for many years, as my doctors acknowledge that no other medicine will fight the issues I am still struggling with. I bring this up only so that I don't surprise or offend someone while we are out.

    Let me know if you are interested in going out as a team or even a larger group if you know people. I am free a lot these days, as I am still recovering and not working consistently at the moment. I'm excited to meet my local treasure hunting friends!





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