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Thread: 1899 14K Elgin pocket watch

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    Feb 2011
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    1899 14K Elgin pocket watch

    Okay SO In all my antiques I bought I found a ELGIN 14K Boss 25yr warranted pocket watch. The watch is an elgin 15 or 16 jewel watch. I am looking to get an estimate on its value. Anyone here colect pocket watches that could help me out?

    What is cool is I have the original sales receipt with it from 1899 in mint condition where they spent $13.50 on it. I will upload pictures of the watch for you trained eye's viewing pleasure. LOL P.S. the crystal is gone but I figures a skilled watch repair shop could fix that for me.

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    Feb 2011
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    Re: 1899 14K Elgin pocket watch


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    Feb 2011
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    No One huh

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    Dec 2010
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    I have no idea of the value. I just wanted to tell you that I have a couple of old Elgins like that. I used to use and carry antique p.w.'s for years!
    I especially like the bill of sale!

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    Apr 2012
    Lyman Washington
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    I agree with Ya on the Bill of sale.. That's a nice touch, but from what i recall, i think the serial numbers on the movement of the watch indicate, that it may have been PERCHASED in 1899, but i think production date is more likely 1880.. But i could be wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by Theakiki View Post
    I have no idea of the value. I just wanted to tell you that I have a couple of old Elgins like that. I used to use and carry antique p.w.'s for years!
    I especially like the bill of sale!

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    Jan 2007
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    I've got a couple of those also one from my grandad and one from my father in law amazing that the receipt has survived as far as value I don't have a clue.
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    Nov 2008
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    I like the watch, I particularly like the receipt, I think that is great. A new crystal is easy enough to find and have installed. The case is gold filled. As far as value The hairline hurts it some but its pretty common, I would look at similar watches on eBay or go to a local book store and look it up in the "complete price guide to watches" By Cooksey Shugart, Tom Engle, and Richard Gilbert. My edition is too old to be of use price wise but you can usually use the book right in the store without having to buy it. I actually collect antique gold pocket watches, at least I did before the price of gold got so high and everybody started thinking that because a watch weighed 2 ounces it was worth the same as 2 solid ounces of gold instead of the 1/3 ounce of gold it actually has. A lot of those old solid gold cases have since been scrapped.

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    May 2003
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    I can't make out the serial number of the watch so can't looks up the serial number and then tell what kind of movement the watch had, and I am more familar with Waltham watches than Elgin watches but I will try to give you a general idea....

    First you have a very nice J Boss hunter style case. However it is not pure 14K gold. It is made out of what was called rolled gold, or sometimes also called gold filled. They didn't know how to electroplate stuff back then or it was too expensive to do on an industrial scale, so they took two relatively thin sheets of gold and made a sandwitch with a sheet of some other metal - probably brass and then put it through a set of high pressure rollers to bond them together. The 25 year guarantee refers to how long J Boss guaranteed that the gold was thick enough so it wouldn't wear through and reveal the center metal, under normal use for at last 25 years.

    When you bought a watch back then you would go to a jewelry store and pick out a case and then you would pick out a movement and the jeweler would then mount the movement inside of the case for you. It looks like in that watch's case they picked out a really nice case but then saved a little bit of money on the movement as a 15 jewel movement wasn't high end at that time.

    The one additional factor that will add value to your watch is the fact that you have the original receipt for it, in what looks to be really nice condition. That will make your watch more collectible. I am not that great at estimating watch prices but I would say that your watch is worth at least $150 and once you add in some extra for the nice case and the receipt it could go up to $300 or $400. I have a Waltham from the same era (1898) with a 15 jewel movement and a J Boss case that is not as nice as yours and my Waltham is worth about $150. BTW I assume that the watch runs, if it doesn't run it won't be worth nearly as much. There are watch shops that still stock parts for watches like that one so you should be able to get it fixed. The main spring in my Waltham broke 2 years ago and I had the main spring replaced and the watch cleaned and lubricated and I believe it cost $80.

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    Mar 2009
    central mo
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    that is something u need to take to antiques roadshow ive seen alot of old watches on there some very pricey and take the bill of sale to
    because it adds to value of the watch good luck!!!

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    May 2011
    Marietta, GA
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    Hi! I saw a while back that no one had posted, so even though I don't know watches, I did look through Ebay's past sales, even though I don't know which now (back then I was having login problems) Anyway, I saw your exact watch go for $180, but yours is in slightly better condition and has the receipt. I also saw two similar models go for $150 and $200. If I had to guess with the receipt, I would say $250, but that's a very minimally educated guess. Good luck!

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    Feb 2012
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    That watch is awesone looking.nice find.

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    May 2012
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    That is one niceee watch! If you wanna sell it lemme know!!!!

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    If you wanted to restore the watch to working order, it would cost you a good bit. Expect a $300 investment at least for cleaning, parts, etc. The watch is worth it, if you'd like to carry it and use it yourself. Nice looking piece.
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