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Thread: Saved from the crusher

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    Nov 2013
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    My plans are to install a light under the big one. I can share other pics. Of large stone later it on the trailer. As far as treasure is concerned which I really don't care about. I'm more interested in educating more people to the reality of such sites. They are a part of history in this country. Because the site in which these stones come from are not known or just not taught as a place of historical value. They are being destroyed and sold for hwy and road base. Although there are so many of them that it may not be that important. They are still a part of a system that is misunderstood. But this is not my point of this thread. Even if the stone was just a stone It's a beauty. To me it has a value. Thanks in advance for any input or comments

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    Nov 2013
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly Prince View Post
    Can you post clear pics of the symbols?
    If you look on top of the head or top. You can see on the left side of top the alpha sign. There in the middle top the eagle head. There are many more. Like I stated to learn more about that part you need to study the threads dealing with just that. Treasure Net is full of threads that specializes in the symbols. When looking at stones most of the time the symbols are connected with others. Some are only seen with the shadows that light will make as it's passed over the stone. Some will only be seen clearly at a distance. It's a system of both animal effigies and symbols made with numbers and letters or all together. Some people have a natural ability to see this stuff and other are taught. Unless you spend time on a site or shown from pictures you will have a hard time with this. Most like to say peredolia when they don't see or understand. I'm putting together a collection of stones with the same information on them for teaching. They are from different places in the country and both north and south America. But it's not limited to the Americas. It's world wide. I'm not ready to bring it forward at the moment. The system is there ,the problem is who started it. Some say the Knights Temples and other The Jesuits. I think it's older than that. One thing I can say is some stones have the word Jesus Priest. The words are overlapping. Now both were priest and claimed the same. Both rounded up. Both orders desolved in their time. Both were highly skilled . It's history. Let's solve it.
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    Apr 2017
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    . It's history. Let's solve it.[/QUOTE]

    pretty much impossible without clear photos , close ups , rubbings etc.


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    Aug 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mine Shaft View Post
    Yes it does, thats where the backhoe dropped it. They could of easily dropped it facing Northeast. Question ? How can you tell which way is southwest from the photo ?
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    Dec 2015
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    Cool find Bob I'll tell ya treasure symbols and signs are meant to be hard to read for the average person that's why they are so hard to find. Hope it leads you to some good finds you have a treasure hunters state of mind nothing to lose. Good luck my friend
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    Apr 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwoodsbob View Post
    You got that right!!
    With another fantastical dream post

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    Nov 2013
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Dreams can only be a reality if they are pursued. Talking about it is the first part. You must also go out and look for it. Unless you study a subject how do you know what to pursue? There is a lot of history still being discovered. I would rather be a part of it than to just read about it. It all started with a dream. So your right.

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    Oct 2014
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    If Bob like what he does, then let him do it. If you don't like what Bob does, don't visit.....pretty simple. Get at after it Bob, good to see you at it.

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    Jan 2013
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    Neat photos of the other ones!
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    Great save..

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    When I read the title of the thread, I thought you found an old Delorean or something.
    Cool rock though.
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