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    May 2009
    central, Illinois
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    native american?

    Got this from a field in mason county Illinois. any clue what this is, or for, or age?
    many other arrowhead have been found here.
    it's pretty heavy.
    almost like marble, kinda rough and gritty feel.
    smooth concaved on top and bottom alike
    smooth most the way around except for 1/4 which has eroded, but probably was smooth all the way around
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    Jul 2010
    Naples, Fl
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    Re: native american?

    IDK? but it is certinly man made
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    Jun 2010
    Baltimore MD
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    Re: native american?

    It sort of looks like the bowl part of a mortar and pestle. Maybe for grinding herbs or something?
    I see boobies in the bottom pic.

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    Feb 2008
    Houston Texas
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    Re: native american?

    If the indentation is about the same symmetry on both sides, it could be a chunkey stone...


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    May 2008
    Teknetics T2SE, GARRETT GTI 2500, Garrett Infinium
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    Re: native american?

    Look's like a chunky stone to me - very eroded.
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    Oct 2008
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    Re: native american?

    It is an unfinished,, discodial ,,,,,made of quartz,, or chunky stone as some call it!!!

    nice piece!!!


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    Nov 2007
    ,M.X.T.& Tesoro Tejon
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    Re: native american?

    QuartzSorry but the whole Sierra Nevada Mtn. range is full of that stone and it is granite
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    Sep 2008
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    Re: native american?

    I also think that is a discoidal, being indented on both sides. But there has long been a bit of confusion between two very different games and similar stones. One was a fast action competition in which sticks were probably used to roll and control a double indented disc (like the one you have) between a group of competitors. The other, a game called chungkee in the west and northwest, and called chunque in the east, was a game of skill using a bow and arrow, a small spear or a spear thrower to "down" a rolled disc indented on only one side. These often have a slight edge bevel, causing it to eventually roll in a curve, with the single indented side landing down if missed. The trick was to hit it after it was thrown (rolled) on the back side causing the indentation to trip up. Think of rolling a plate or a frisbee on edge and tripping it up before it rolls in its circle and "rattles" down. See what I mean? Great rabbit hunting practice. I have seen one of these with impact marks intact on the back and a nice centrally indented front, unmarked by impact. Hope this helps a bit.

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    May 2009
    central, Illinois
    white's spectrum VX3
    4 times

    Re: native american?

    thanks everyone for your help



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