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    As an avid collector of antique/vintage books, I many times come across old notes and such (sometimes even money) in between the pages. Goodwill and Salvation Army are some of my favorite "haunts" because they don't check anything as far as age and value - they just throw them up on the shelves with everything else. Yesterday, I picked up a late 1800s copy of "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan - @.75 it was heck of a deal. While fanning through the pages, this "card" was between pages 96 & 97. My question is this: any idea of the date or where I could possibly find some info? There are no dates or printers name on it. It has the "Our Father" on the back and another piece of scripture on the front. Hope the pics help. Any info would be great and thanks for looking...

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    Re: Victorian?

    Quote Originally Posted by texastee2007
    oh how I love the old pictures...very pretty indeed.
    Yep the pic's are of a time long forgot ...

    The words are soon to be as well ...

    I would have paid 3 fold for such item ...

    ~ Al
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    Re: Victorian?

    I have an elderly friend who knows me since i was born and he has the same book.
    He was interested in the value so i did some checking on e bay. His book was mid 1800's.
    Unless it was a 1st printing or close to it ... it would've been worth some $$. It's even
    signed by his mother with a date. Great family heirloom. You did get an exellent deal on
    that book though DD-777
    As far as the card i see many at auctions and most didn't have a printers name on them.
    I would think someone here could date it by the way the women is dressed though.
    I'm sure i have some here and i'll look at them. Till then i hope someone can help you out
    You just gave me an idea for a What Is It GL

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    Re: Victorian?

    Quote Originally Posted by texastee2007
    is it a prayer card for a funeral?
    Thats a good possibility tee
    I just looked at mine 2 - have verses - postcards. 1 - a verse on the front, and the lords prayer
    on the back (unmarked). 1 a verse on the front, and The Beatitudes on the back (unmarked).
    1 - Stop Look Listen - (marked) Made up and sold by ...... And 1 - a verse on the front w/a
    copyright date and maker (backs blank) But most i've seen weren't marked.

    I think churches might have supplied them to members too. I'll have to ask around.

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    Re: Victorian?

    Yeppers, very nice Victorian 1880's Prayer Trade card. What size does it measure? Very nice, Breezie
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