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Thread: Found lunch box and know nothing about it! Help please!

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    Jan 2005
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    Re: Found lunch box and know nothing about it! Help please!

    It was a very popular model and came with a thermos that would hold a couple cups of soup or coffee, etc. You could see any number of them in the break room where blue collar workers ate lunch back in the 1950s and '60s. Monty
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    Apr 2007
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    Re: Found lunch box and know nothing about it! Help please!

    That is the kind of lunch box most people used until the 70s, then most changed to the small plastic coolers.
    They also made plastic lunch boxes similar to that metal one.

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    Jan 2009
    Houston, Texas
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    Re: Found lunch box and know nothing about it! Help please!

    My how times have changed! ..... GPS nav to Jack-In-The-Box and wave cash card over the magic RF-reader.

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    Jun 2005
    Rhode Island

    Re: Found lunch box and know nothing about it! Help please!

    Quote Originally Posted by ole_grisley
    Breezie said life of Riley ? ok I'm 60 and who was Riley there Breezie? I remember Archie and Edith lmao Yeah we all remember them

    What a revolting development this is.

    Chester Riley.

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    Aug 2019
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    What you have is a v dome thermos lunch box from the 50s. If you look at the bottom you should see a thermos brand product the American Thermos products company Norwich Connecticut USA

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    Apr 2018
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    After looking at the prices on etsy, I better dig my old one out of the shed and dump the screws and bolts out of it.

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    Jun 2006
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    We still used those in the 90's.. They came with a small thermos which we replaced with the large stainless one.
    We are in a hobby that is supported by losers!!

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    May 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by Discrimination Dave View Post
    Sorry JerLinde and I could be wrong,
    but I just don't think there is much to that lunch box unless filezilla uc browser rufus there happens to be a big ole honkin' turkey sandwich in there.
    Unfortunately I know nothing about it! Not a clue on age, value, rarity or anything.
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    Jul 2018
    Eastern Connecticut
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezie View Post
    I was thinking late 1950's. All you need is William Bendix on the end of the handle, and we could do a series of the Life of Riley. Mmm, better hush, sounds like I might be telling my age. Breezie
    I used to watch those episodes of "The Life Of Riley". William Bendix, Tom D'Andria as Gillis his neighbor, Sterling Holloway, Wesley Morgan as "Junior" his son, Lugene Sanders as "Babs" his daughter. Martin Milner played "Babs" boyfriend...…...Can't remember who played his wife. So now, I know your age but you know mine.

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    Jul 2018
    Eastern Connecticut
    Garrett AT Pro Garrett Ace 400 Garrett Pro Pointer
    2085 times
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    Those black lunchboxes were popular in the early 50's. We lived in Norwich, Conn. which was home to the American Thermos Company. When I was a kid my father worked for Thermos which is the company that made the "Thermos bottle" famous. He carried his lunch to work in one of those black boxes......

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    Aug 2019
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    My dad has one like that! I don't know what brand. It's out in the garage somewhere.... Are old lunch boxes like that worth a lot? Is it worth looking for my dad's to sell online? Or do I just send it to Goodwill next time I see it?
    Just an adult toy collector looking for help IDing, pricing and selling some of my dad's things.

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    Jan 2018
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    I could use a box like that to put all my wheaties in!!! Welcome from the Baystate !!
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    Aug 2018
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    Welcome Jer, post WWII. My dad carried one as far back as I remember. I may know what happened to the handle.
    If the guy walked through the shop and set the box down in the work area, when the whistle blew and he ran back
    to get it he'd grab the handle in a big hurry only to find it came off in his hand. The box would have been screwed,
    welded or fastened down with carpet tape and would often need to be chiseled loose. This went on in every factory
    and work shop in the country for years.

    Best wishes!
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