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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

    Feb 2006
    South Central Upstate NY in the foothills of the headlands
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    I take pix around my house at night occasionally....I get orbs like that....they are not "rain", nor "snowflakes", nor "dust".
    Or side-angle lighting or glare giving a reflection of the aperature inside the lens. Or particles in the lens on the various surfaces. Or pin-holes, creases or light leaks in the shutter. Or particles on the enlarger lens when exposing the paper at the developers. Or fingerprints on the film or paper that prevent the developing solutions from "taking".
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    Feb 2007
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Interesting post, I'd love to see more from the area.
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    Sep 2006
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    I noticed that no-one really utilizes all the signature space provided, so I figured to be REALLY original I would make up the longest signature that I could and probably just leave it as one big run on sentence because all that punctuation just takes up way too much space-HH.

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    Jan 2007
    warner robins, Ga
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Good site kevo. Good luck on permission & MDing the site. HH Sonny

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    Nov 2005
    Round Rock, Texas
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Well im from a small town in ohio called piqua along side a railroad track next to the river we have somthing like this built into the side of the hill. has 3 smoke stack openings on top an other structure foundations. While doing the research for this found out the hous ei lived in was owned by 2 older women who ran a brewery called piqua brewery this is where they kept the vats of beer because of no refridgeration back then. could it be that this is a brewery? generally you walk in through a bigger opening an there are fireplaces on both sides equally number back across from eachother.

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    Pin 'em and dig 'em

    Mar 2007
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Re: Need a bit of help asap-update

    Ok, I finally researched this site and figured it out. It was a brick making company, they made bricks but I'm not sure when. They had about 8 or 9 buildings and you can see fireplaces in them all. There is one big metal furnace like thing remaining. This sounds dumb but the biggest problem is the fact that I refuse to detect there by myself first. as for the orbs in the pic, they are rain drops, lol

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    Lindenmeier sEEker

    Apr 2006
    El Paso, TX
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    whats in the holes in the first pic.......................... refuse to detect??

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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    I would have to agree with ejort.

    In Columbia SC, the Guignard Brickwords have buildings that look EXACTLY as to what you have. Of course they are shut down and no trespassing signs are posted, they are still nice to see when driving by.

    Should definitely be a great spot.


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    Jan 2005
    Sand Springs, OK
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Already stated but they look like brick kilns to me. I use to drive by a brick plant often and they look identical. Monty
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