Need a bit of help asap
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    Pin 'em and dig 'em

    Mar 2007
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    Need a bit of help asap

    Going back at 8 am...any info would be great.

    Less that 200 yards away from a civil war fort on top of a huge hill I found these next to the rail road tracks. They look rather old but I'm really not sure. I didn't get time to look real close because it started storming. Any idea what these are? They look like round houses to me lol

    Not to mention the big brick walls in the creek and also the "brick bridge".
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    garbage digger

    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Here is some text explaining a building I came across a while back that looks very close to that. Not sure that it helps but here ya go.
    Built by Albert H. Johnson, president of the Oberlin Gas Lighting Company, to store coal gas that was manufactured in an adjacent retort with a brick smokestack now demolished. This gas was first used for lighting (Oberlin was the first town in the area to enjoy gas-lit streets) and beating and later for cook stoves. The company provided gas for heating until 1918, when natural gas became available, and since then the building has had various uses, primarily storage. Planning for an Underground Railroad Center in the building began in 2005. A surviving example of nineteenth-century functionalism, round brick with conical slate roof.

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    Feb 2007
    Central Indiana
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Dont know what they are, except OLD Good luck,Ron
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    Sep 2006
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    No matter what, there were obviously people there, probably working and getting PAID. Go dig the heck outta some of their lost paychecks, It looks VERY promising. I doubt it's as old as civil war, but silver was minted up 'til '64, and I dare say those structures are a might older than that. Go forth and dig, my son(and post the pics of the finds, or we may have to hurt you).
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    Feb 2007
    Stafford Virginia
    Tesoro Tejon

    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    lots of ghosts orbs in that last pic
    Ron From VA

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Those are some fantastic buildings.Try and get as many pics as possible of them inside and out....these type of buildings wont be around much longer and having photos will be a 'treasure'. Dig away and hope you find alot!
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Neat!!!! Look on some old maps and see if anything comes up about the area.

    And I agree! Go back and hunt it!! And take lots of pictures!

    Good luck! Nana

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    Oct 2005
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Quote Originally Posted by Froggie
    lots of ghosts orbs in that last pic
    Or just rain.

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    Feb 2006
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Quote Originally Posted by Froggie
    lots of ghosts orbs in that last pic
    The ghosts of snowflakes past.

    Your third picture down looks like whatever it was it produced a lot of smoke. Quite the chimney.

    Variation on a lime kiln?

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    Sep 2006
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Pretty darn cool... I'd be taking pictures like Gyspsy suggested, and hunting the heck out if it after I got permission... ncie looking prospects.

    Looking forward to more pics and whatever you find there in future posts!

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    Jan 2007

    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    This is a photo of kilns at the Trimble Ohio Brick Plant(taken somewhere between 1900 and 1920)
    What you have found looks very similar.

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    Wolf lover

    Dec 2006
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Bunker buildings to store ammunition and explosives?
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    Jan 2007
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    Quote Originally Posted by Froggie
    lots of ghosts orbs in that last pic
    no orbs just rain.. be cool if they were

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    Aug 2005
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    I take pix around my house at night occasionally....I get orbs like that....they are not "rain", nor "snowflakes", nor "dust".

    Considering they are circular in nature, and appear to be quite large in size, in order for a dust mote to appear that big, it would have to be ON the lens of my camera, and I keep my camera lense clean. Also many of the orbs were obviously 15 to 20 feet away, sometimes halfway behind my storage shed, or behind telephone lines or tree branches.

    I took these pics when it was NOT cloudy, and there was no rain, sleet, drizzle, fog, etc. As for snowflakes, I seriously doubt snowflakes can exist in my area when the temperature is over 40 degrees.
    I was outside taking some flash photos of the forest one night last dog was barking at a gully in front of my house, and a flash at night will illuminate any "eyes" peering at ya from the darkness. There were instances where I would take pix of the area in front of my house, and see a pair of eyes up in a tree 100 feet away...pretty cool technique for "illuminating" wildlife at night haha.

    Anyway, there were numerous orbs hanging around. I would take a photo while looking at the area directly in front of the camera...not looking at the LCD, or through the viewfinder....there would be nothing at all in front of the camera, but the image would show differently. Many times I would take a photo of nothing, and look at the image after the fact, and have several orbs at various distances, and/or of various sizes.

    I have no idea what they are, but I do know for a fact what they are not.

    Nice thread for a paranormal forum..

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: Need a bit of help asap

    I like those pics, looks like an interesting place. I'd definately go back.

    As for the last pic with the "orbs" those are not orbs. You can see the wetness on the ground and in the 3rd pic you can see the water drops dripping off the branches. The orbs are actually just rain drops. The bright droplet at the top center of the pic with the tail underneath makes it look like it's shooting UP, that's a big indication of moisture whether it be rain or snow they always look like they are shooting upwards. I have done a lot of experiments with digital pics under different conditions and know for sure that these spots are just moisture/raindrops, I'm a 100% positive.
    I don't wanna step on anyones toes when it comes to the paranormal as I am new here and this forum isnt about the paranormal, but I have been doing a lot of research in that field for over 4 yrs. Im no expert or anything close to an expert but do know that a true orb has a lot of energy making it semi solid to solid in appearance, bright in color and no internal ridges or nucleus. If it looks like it has inside structures like layers and or a smaller circle (nucleus) then it's more than likely to be dirt, dust, polen or moisture.



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