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    Mar 2014
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    Silver or platinum nugget, silver cob and weird watchamacallit?

    I was walking the dogs yesterday and decided to do some metal detecting around the yard and woods here on the farm. The "watchamacallit I found in the field and It's about an inch and a half long. It could be farm related and possibly from colonial period (from the depth).

    The silver thing I'm calling a cob is a little over 1/2 long and rang up as a gold nugget (15-16 VDI on Whites VX3) and when I dug it, I thought it looked like a fired .22 slug that had struck home. My finacee rubbed some of the crud off and thought she saw the faint impression of a shield "like on the Spanish coin we found". So I decided not to toss it in the trash pocket. After we got home, I retested it with the MD and still it came up gold, so into the CLR it went. What the hey. After some delicate scrubbing with a soft toothbrush, I too could faintly see the shield she was talking about. In the pics, the shield is centered right side up and towards the top of the piece.

    The real mystery here though is my rock. Once back out of the woods and field, I decided to poke around the yard, which is mostly sand really. I usually find clad pennies, nickels and dimes from our early 50's home, but they're almost always 3-4" deep at most. This "rock" rang up as a solid quarter (82-84 VDI) 7 1/2" deep. I didn't even realize what I was looking for as I cleaned out my hole and located a rock at the bottom. I pried it loose, tossed it onto my pile and continued digging. After another two scoops, I stuck the pinpointer in the hole and nothing. So I'm frantically searching through my spoils for my precious quarter when low and behold the "rock" sets off the pinpointer. I test it under the MD and sure enough, 82-84...quarter. So I bring it inside and into the CLR it goes too. I scrubbed for a bit with the toothbrush and hand picked away this odd black tar substance with toothpicks. After cleaning, I took some pics and then broke out the Mother's Mag polish to see if she shined. After a few minutes of rubbing, I snapped a couple more pics. You be the judge. What is my heavy silver rock?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Feb 2013
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    It would be heavy for its size and malleable, then it would be lead. If it was aluminum then it would be light weight for its size. Otherwise, you would need to test it with silver testing solution.

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    Mar 2014
    North Carolina
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks! I'll look into getting a test kit. I did an informal test where you mark the bottom of a ceramic cup and it passed for silver. We'll see. There used to be lots of mining in the area.

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    Feb 2013
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    Don't want to burst your bubble, but someone has to do it... that one item is not a cob, unfortunately.

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    Mar 2014
    North Carolina
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by filmiracle View Post
    Don't want to burst your bubble, but someone has to do it... that one item is not a cob, unfortunately.
    Ha ha, just a guess. I really have no idea what it is, but it does have a shield or crest impressed into it. Could it be a cob that someone has cut on? Maybe a silver charm of some some sort? I have no idea really...just throwing stuff up and seeing if anything sticks.

    Any idea on the "watchamacallit"?



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