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    Tin box

    Any one seen one of these" It seems to be either tin or copper and 1 3/8"
    long and 1/2' inch square. Top has a notch for fingernail to slide it open.

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    Could it have held matches? or is it too short for that?
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    Tin box

    Don't think so. It's too short. But that was a neat thought. Maybe someday I will will run into something like it on Ebay.

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    copper box

    Was there ever a chinese community around or railroad camp? It looks a whole lot like small opium containers that i get from mining camps with chinese workers back before the turn of the century, I find the lids, seperate to the boxes, and with the cold wet winters here, most of the time the bent corners have worn out and are seperating. Nice find, most people assume they were for matches. Chris

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    Tin box

    Hey thats Neat! The place I found it at was built around the turn of the last century and a Railroad was not far from there. A Camp would have been outside town. I will research that angle. Much Thanks!



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