Tokens ID Help Needed
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    Jul 2003

    Token's ID Help Needed

    Anybody get any idea about what these token's are .


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    Aug 2003
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    Token's ID Help Needed

    Well, it is a bit tough to tell enough details on all of them to give you a good answer, but here goes:
    1. This "maverick" token (no town or state on it) is from Chicago, IL. Used in a bar about 1945-55 (I'd guess). Usually they were part of a "happy hour" or "two-fer" deal where the patron would buy two drinks and get one drink and a token redeemable for the second one.
    2. Looks like play money to me.
    3. This is another maverick token, but the ones with just initials are almost impossible to attribute. It appears to be of the style and denomination used in the St. Louis, MO area 1910-1930.
    4. I can't read this one, but it looks like it may have a name and address - e-mail me with what it says if you want me to see what I can find on it.
    5. I can't read what is above the head on this one either - it does not look like a trade token. Perhaps a game counter?
    6. and 7. same as 4.
    John in Idaho e-mail:
    "Maverick Editor" of the Token and Medal Society
    and happy to look up tokens for Treasure Netters.

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    Apr 2003
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    Token's ID Help Needed

    John; It is very good of you to help other people find out what their tokens represent. Fred
    Quondo Omni Flunkus Moritati

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    Aug 2003
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    Token's ID Help Needed

    Thanks to ECP for sending me more detailed photos, I can add the following to the above.

    #4, A. W. Schwane is either from Minneapolis or Chicago based on the address. It is not listed in the token catalogs for either place, however. Nor is it in my maverick token database, so I will have to do a little more looking and get back with you. The name of the company across the top of the back is H. Tuckhorn & Co. / Billiard / & / Pool Tables / 171 Randolph St. / Chicago.

    The major billiard table company in Chicago was the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., predecessor to the current Brunswick Company that makes pool tables and bowling equipment. In the 1890-1920 timeframe, it was typical for a guy to get set up in the saloon or pool hall business and buy a table or backbar from one of these companies. They would give him a deal on tokens for use in his business if they could reserve the back side for their company's ads.

    The tokens themselves were used in several ways - they could be used as chips in games of cards, billiards, etc. or they could be used as change at the bar or candy/tobacco counter. A typical use was with western tokens especially where a "good" cigar (as opposed to a nickel or cheap cigar) or a whiskey drink was priced at 12-??, or two for a quarter. The customer would buy a drink or cigar, pay for it with a quarter, and get the goods plus a 12-?? (one bit) token in change.

    #5 - I still don't know about this one, but can read it now. I'd still guess a game counter. They were used (mainly in Europe) like poker chips in whatever kind of card or table games they played then.

    #6. the Pruden Coal & Coke Co. was in Pruden, Tennessee. They had a "company store" for the employees (remember the Tennessee Ernie Ford song "I owe my soul to the company store"?). There are 5, 10, 25, and 1.00 tokens known in this type and other varieties that say Pruden, Tennessee on them. If an employee needed to buy something at the store and didn't have the cash, the company would give him an advance against his next paycheck, but it would be in these tokens and they could only be used in the store.

    #7. The Tellico Manufacturing Company of Tellico Plains, Tennessee was a lumber and grist mill from about 1890 to about 1905 when they changed their name to the Tellico River Lumber Company. That company lasted until after 1915. I suspect they also used these tokens in a company store operation associated with the mill.

    John in Idaho



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