V3 question ref. power line noise
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    V3 question ref. power line noise

    Can anyone help me with a V3 question please? When I get anywhere near power lines, I mean even slightly close, my v3 goes nuts..all kinds of sounds. Which adjustment would I use to stop this? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Dan

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    Re: V3 question ref. power line noise

    Try lowering the preamp gain and or ac . I know on my DFX that helps.
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    Re: V3 question ref. power line noise

    right off whites forums


    How well does Spectra V3 perform around powerlines?
    All wideband metal detectors (multi-frequency and PI) are generally more susceptible to EMI than narrow-band detectors. Many people have reported that V3 is quieter than DFX. A few people have reported more problems. V3 includes a frequency offset adjustment that offers 10 additional settings for eliminating EMI noise.

    Why is my V3 so noisy?
    One issue with V3 is that it is a more sensitive detector than DFX, and the factory defaults are set to a higher-performing level than DFX. Therefore, where DFX usually had to be tweaked upwards for performance, V3 may need to be tweaked down. Things to try:

    * Make sure V is ground balanced (for ground noise)
    * Adjust Frequency offset (for EMI noise)
    * Lower RX Gain (for EMI and ground noise)
    * Lower Disc Sensitivity (for ground noise)
    * Sweep the loop 2-3 inches off the ground (for ground noise)
    * Use a smaller coil (for ground and trash noise)
    * Move to a quiter area (for EMI noise, usually buried lines)

    In severe cases, one of the single-frequency modes may work better than the 3-frequency mode.



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