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    White's Customer Service Experience

    I was headed out to do a little detecting on my days off when my tire starting making noise. I stopped at Walmart and when they took my spare out of my trunk they dropped in on my DFX and squashed it. Walmart said they would pay to have it fixed so I shipped it off to the factory repair center in Oregon. It was a little over a year old. When I called about a week later to see if they had received my detector I was informed that it was already on its way back to me repaired. When I asked how much I needed to pay I was informed that there was no charge they were glad that they could help. Even though accidents are not covered under their warranty they took care of it anyway and when I received it a couple of days later not only was the damage fixed but they even replaced the screen which was scratched up do to use. Now that is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am now back out detecting and it works as good as new. Just wanted to give credit where credit was due.
    Mr Mark in NE TX

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    Dec 2004
    franklin square new york

    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    bought a whites target I.D water detector when it first came out. used it a lot for about 2-3 years and the seal started leaking. sent it to a whites service center. they sent it back. first time in the water it leaked again. sent it back. got it back and first time in the water leaked again but not before i found 2 gold rings. sent it back they sent me a bran new machine. everything has been fine since

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    Oct 2004
    East Tennessee
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    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    Brought a Beach Hunter ID and it started acting up a few weeks after I got it. Sent it Back and was sent a new detector and a carring bag for my trouble. If you have a problem with the whites stuff which does not happen often it will be taken car of.. I had a XLT for years and sold it to a friend and he is still detecting with it.

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    Aug 2005
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    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    sounds like some steller customer service -- rare thing to see anymore

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    Jun 2004
    Hurlock, Maryland
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    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    I had my IDXpro for a little over a year and got careless putting it away. The overlay on the unit got cut. No big deal but it was a way for moisture to get in the display so I called Whites about getting the cost on a new display. The said no problem they would send one at no charge. I got two overlays in the mail the next week. Talked to a dealer a little after and he said they were about $15 each.
    I am very satisfied with Whites service.

    Ed Donovan
    Keep detecting, Keep finding, Keep digging!

    Ed Donovan

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    Mar 2005
    Minelab Explorer SE/Garrett GTI 2500/ Ace 250
    53 times

    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    thats awesome! i get the feeling that compitition is so fierce between detector manufacturers that they (the good ones) pretty much will go out of thier way to make you happy and get your repeat buisness. i have heard similar stories of stellar customer service from minelab, garret,fisher. its a good position to be in if you are the consumer! whites is one one of the best for sure.
    GTI 2500/ACE 250

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    Mar 2005

    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    the wife and i both hunt with whites detectors for one simple reason....there customer service is second to none....we take our machines up every winter for a check up.....this yr alone the over hauled our bulls eyes, fixed my wifes machine, it had a short in it, they fixed both of our display housings, and even put on a new loop on for me, not to mention a loop cover.....done deal in 3 days, cost zero. they know my wife by name and are always great to deal with, they answer our questions even if it means they will not make the sale....we are so impressed with there customer service that we are looking into becomeing whites dealers.
    in my opinion these guys are the best in the business.

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    May 2006
    Pioneer 505
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    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    Dontcha just love competition?
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    May 2003
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    Re: White's Customer Service Experience

    When I first got in to metal detecting way back in 1993, I didn't know much about the many brands of detectors available, however I remember seeing an advertisemnt for Whites detectors in one of those local free newspapers that you see in convenience stores, so I made the call to that dealer and set up a demonstration.

    I ended up buying White's top-of-the-line detector, an Eagle Spectrum. Approximately 2 or 3 years later, the display screen would sometimes have a bunch of garbage on it like this **^%%$$^&&*(^%$$$^** just alot of junk all over the screen. I would have to reset the battery and reboot the machine so it would work properly. No big deal, I could live with it, did not affect the overall performance on the machine, just one of the kinks that was just a bother, and never complained to Whites about it.

    Then one day I was in a detecting chat room and just by luck, a White's customer service representative was in there also, and I politely & calmly informed this customer service person the problem I was having. Customer service person says they discontinued make the Eagle Spectrum and didn't have any in stock anymore, but said their new top-of-the-line machine was the XLT, and said something like "would I be interested in the XLT"? I said yea I didn't say anything further, just kind a let it go, and figured thats the end of that.

    About 2 weeks pass and there a box on my doorstep. Its a White's box, I open it and a brand spankin new White's XLT with all the trimmins' including 4 new coils, 3.5, 600, 800, 9.5 plus headphones, about $1500 retail value worth of stuff..........I'm in shock, I couldn't beleive it, and I didn't have to send my Eagle Spectrum back to ther factory to get fixed or to trade it in.

    As a token of my appreciation, I ordered and had a delivery of OMAHA steaks with extras sent to this person. A week or so later I get a (thank you) soft case in the mail for my detector.

    Needless to say, I'm a die hard brand loyal White's guy, and probably will be forever, and White's know it too.

    Now hows that for Customer Service?........Rich

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    Aug 2005
    73 times

    Re: White's Customer Service Experience


    Worthy of any customer's loyalty!
    "It's the stuff that dreams are made of....."



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