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    Dec 2009
    Bath ,NY
    White's Classic 5 ID, The New White's CoinMaster, White's DFX w/950, 5.3, DD1400, 6x10,4x6,10"DD, and soon the 12 inch. I hunt mostly with the 6x10.

    Spectra V3

    Can the Spectra V3 be programmed to accept or reject any coin or object in a way similar to the Minelab E-Trac/Explorer?
    Own White's Classic 5 ID and White's Coinmaster(new model)
    White's DFX w/950, 5.3, DD1400,6x10,4x6,10"DD, and soon the 12 inch.
    I hunt mostly with the 6x10.

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    Nov 2005
    1 times

    Re: Spectra V3

    yes , just check or un check the vdi numbers u want or dont want , had my v3 for little over a month now. im still not use to it, there are spectra v3 on utube to watch its the same cd you get from white's when u buy the v3, hope this helped.

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    Dec 2006
    45 times
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    Re: Spectra V3

    I've seen both demonstrated and by far the ETRAC method is easier

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    Sep 2006
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    Xterra 70, CZ20, IDX Pro

    Re: Spectra V3

    You can accept or reject any VDI numbers from -95 to +95. You can also assign an individual tone or no tone to each VDI number if you choose. I have a couple of programs that are set up as 3 and 4 tone ID like many other detectors. If you choose you can accept all VDI numbers and assign no tone to the ones you would reject. That way you can still see the VDI number on the screen but will not hear it. The great thing about the V3 is that you can set it up to operate just about any way you would like it to.




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