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    May 2005
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    dfx imput

    Hi all I was wondering just how hard it is to operate the dfx. I hear some people say that it is very hard to operate and get the hang of. And I know alot of you use it and love it. I have a garrett 2500gti and am not really impressed with it. It in my opinion does not get the depth that it should. So I am looking to buy another I have narrowed it down to the dfx or the explorer 2. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and good luck.

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    Jul 2006
    S.E. kansas
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    Re: dfx imput

    Never had a explorer II,but did have the quattro.Hated it had to go so slow and going over any trash it nulled out, took forever toget going again.I'veheard the explorer is a little fater than the quattro,lbut still plenty slow.Traded for a DFX and love it,faster sweep speed and overall better machine.Quattro and explorer are made from plastic and are very heavy,dfx is steel for control box and is quite a bit lighter.Have found lots oftargets my quattro missed.I think depth is pretty much the same.Overall just likethe dfx better...more adjustments haop this helps...let me know what you decide........relikhunter

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    May 2006
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    Re: dfx imput

    DFX is the way to go. It's true about the minelabs being slow to recover from a null on trash and you must search slow.
    The DFX is TOTALLY customizable to YOUR way of hunting. Had mine for 2 years and have found thousands of dollars worth of stuff with it. From old Colonials to gold jewelry, the DFX does it all.



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