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Thread: coils for my MXT

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    Aug 2012
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    coils for my MXT

    Hi all, I'm new to metal detecting. I've had my MXT for a few months now, and I'm looking to upgrade my 950 Eclipse coil. So I thought I'd come here for advice on what coils to get. I went to Whites web site, and got a list of coils for the MXT.
    1-10"DD coil- d2 10" DD
    2- Super 12 search coil
    3- eclipse deepscan DD 1400
    4- Eclipse shooter DD 4*6
    5- Eclipse 5.3 (6*6) search coil
    6- Eclipse DD (6*10) search coil
    7- MXT MAX 15" search coil.
    I would like to order 2 new coils, 1 for deep depth, for speed searching for coins, and one for hunting at a friends property thats a old coal mine town thats just FULL of junk. So if you guys could me some ideas, or experiences you've had, I'd be mighty greatful. Thanks all.
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    Getter done

    Sep 2007
    Terra Bella, Ca.
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    I use a MXT and a DFX and the best coil I have found for both is the Eclipse DD6x10. The 6x10 is a real good all around coil allowing decent ground coverage, decent depth but also good target seperation in trash areas. I have also used the 5.3 which is a good coil for really trash areas but you lose a little depth. I have also used the Eclipse deepscan DD 1400 which does go a little deeper than than the 950 but using it for any length of time tires my arm out. If you should settle on wanting a DD1400 let me know and maybe we can deal. Over all my thoughts are, at least for me, the best coil is the DD6x10.

    Hope this helps.
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    Jun 2012
    San Jose
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    Well the 10x6 dd will give you good separation of trash and good depth. The 5.3 is extremely accurate and small so superb separation but you better use it in small areas since it will take forever in a large area. Another coin I like very much is the 10dd or d2 coil, it is very good in separating the trash and it has a big footprint for fast cleaning an area. Depth is good with any of the bigger coils but just remember that in order to use a bigger coil like the 300ltd you need a clean area hi cause if there is trash than they won't work fine.
    Good luck in getting the right coils I ended up having the d2, 10x6, 300ltd, a 8'dd excellerator and the 5.3 just to be sure to have the correct coil for the job.

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    Aug 2009
    White's MXT all pro, MXT300 D2, 950, 4X6 DD, detech ultimate 13" DD coils
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    You want the D2 coil for depth and it separates pretty good as well I've got dimes at 10"+ and a few at 12" with that coil. I hit parks thats been pounded since the 70's most people won't even go to anymore and still pull deep wheats and silver dimes, I set the disc. at 6 with +2 gain and only dig the really deep sounding targets so I bypass most of the clad. That coil hits targets as deep as the 12" coil with better separation and for the really trashy area's I use the 4x6 coil. HH

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    Apr 2012
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    Aug 2012
    1 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks all, looks like the 10" DD-D2 coil will be the first coil I get on order. Is there dealer that I can order from to get a better price than ordering straight from whites?
    Still hoping for a few more reports on the small coil, I'd like to hear more about the 8"DD, 4*6, and the 5.3.

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    Detecting fever comes and goes.

    Jun 2012
    San Jose
    Actual: Whites MXT All Pro, M6 and Tesoro Sand Shark Ex: BH Platinum, Tesoro Lobo, ST & Tejon, Teknetics Delta, Whites MXT, V3i, Dual Field, MX5; DP Wader, Garrett At-PRO, Fisher Gold Bug 2, CZ-70Pro
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    The 8" dd is an excellerator coil no longer made, it is quite a good coil I have it and I like it, but the 10x6 is better.
    Now on the small coils I only have the 5.3 concentric. It is very very good but as I stated its ideal for extreme trash areas or small areas. If you tend to overlap your swings with the 5.3 it's almost impossible since its so small that you wouldn't go forward. I like it but use it very little, I rather have the d2 or 10x 6

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    Jul 2012
    Mesa AZ
    Nokta Impact, Makro Racer 2, Gold Racer, White's DFX, Minelab Sovereign GT, Tesoro Tiger Shark
    184 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    If you already have the 950, I don't tink you'll do any better with the D2 10" Some folks, myself included prefer the 950 over the D2. For more ground coverage and depth, I'd go with the S12" and for for a smaller coil for trashy areas, I'd go with the Eclipse 5.3. That combination of the 950, S12 and 5.3 will cover all the bases.
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    Jan 2007
    Mesquite Texas
    MXT F2
    13 times
    For wide open spaces I use the S12. I almost always start out with the 6X10, it's great for rough ground or areas with allot of ground stuble, easy to get under brush or bushes without snags and very good target seperation. For old foundations that are overgrown or exremely rough spots I will use my little 4X6. You can jam it in almost anywhere and still be able to move it enough to get a signal. It's also great for soccer and football sidelines for target seperation, extremely trashy spots.

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    May 2008
    lakelinden mi
    MXTdeepscan 8by14dd, bulls eye 2, 5900diprosl Maxima1500, Master Hunter cx plus Treasure Hound, surf
    382 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    8by14 get the cover and you will not regret your purchase it's a killer on dime's,and it's stable on top end.
    I hate to discriminate but some times you have too!



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